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HIST 1250
Sofie Lachapelle

Galileo Galileo followed patronage system like kepler. He was born in Tuscany. He studied medicine in university of pisa. Mathematics was not popular in Tuscany He was graduated in natural philosophy He moved to Florence and worked as patron and invented telescope in 1609 He wrote starry messenger He says that the moon has a mountainous surface. He saw 4 moons around the Jupiter.They are called medician planets. He published “letters on sunspots”.This is the 1 physical evidence of Copernican system. In 1616,copernicus’book was banned because certain passages are to be corrected. Galileo went to Rome. He also worked in university of Padua. In 1632,Galileo advocates the Copernican system vigorously He is sentenced to life imprisonment. He spent his last 8 years in Florence. He died in 1642. His father died in 1591. He had put his 2 daughters in a convent at 13,12 ages. Newton Was there a scientific revolution? There was a scientific revolution from 1450-1650 in terms ofAristotelian physics,sun replacing the centre of the earth. 1750-1850->science became a profession, life and soul. This period is important in scientific revolution. 17 century: centralisation of states. Power has shifted to Britain and France. 1650-1750: powerful kings and queens. -Bureaucracy in Britain and France, increment in taxes. Charles II found Britain. More research on Mathematisation of heat rays in France. In Britain, Royal society doesn’t have any salaries It became much more practical in Britain and was mathematical in franc
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