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Lecture 1

HIST 2100 Lecture 1: Week 1 Terms and Concepts

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HIST 2100
Alan Gordon

Week One Terms and Concepts Metropole vs. periphery Colonial vs. imperial perspective Definition of an Empire- Exploitive relationship / unequal exchange Resistance, Removal and Collaboration First vs. Second Empire Great Britain vs. England vs. United Kingdom Laws of Wales Acts 1536, 1543 Great Britain formed 1707 Act of Union 1707 and 1800 John Cabot 1497 Elizabeth I Walter Raleigh Roanoke 1584 James I of England (VI of Scotland) 1603 1604 Treaty of London 1607 Jamestown Virginia Company Britain is part of its empire- No British history w/o England/ no imperial history w/o Britain. Power of Spain Surrat 1611 St. Kitts 1623 (St. Christopher) shared w/ France until 1713 Barbados 1627 unpopulated Leeward Islands/Lesser Antilles Hands-off approach to early colonies (Local autonomy, company based, diverse set of governance, regions of development) 3 types of Colony (settler, plantation, trading post) Factories (warehouses) Joint Stock companies British Empire compared to European rivals 13 Colonies- different reasons of settling each, little unity between them, diverse governance North American timber, no need for Scandinavian lumber for ships Dutch Empire-war of independence from Spain 1570’s, 1590 clear they were going to win, 1609 independent, rivaling Portuguese in Indian ocean, VOC, gained coveted Spice Islands, United Provinces French Empire-Challenge Spanish Authority in Caribbean, St. Kitts, French East India Co. Senegal, late into the East Decline of Spain-Treaty of L
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