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HIST 2100
Alan Gordon

HIST 2100 Lecture 1 9/10/2012 9:25:00 AM European Expansion: Themes: - diversity: geographical, people and society. - modernization: historical development, institutions becoming more complex and more like society today - change in continuity: the change of economy, social, etc. - environment: cultural, economic, nature, what constrains human action that is beyond our control 1. The Renaissance and Reformation (the end of the middle ages, cultural/political and economic changes, religious upheaval) - Europe around 1300 was a very diverse place, there is not a single identical Europe - 1000 AD = 1 million people, 1300 AD = 7 million people th - Norsemen began expanding in the 8-11 century, reached North America and Russia - by about 985 AD they were settling in Greenland until the Scraelings ran them out nd - we are talking about the later 2 expansion of Europe - by about 1300, European societies were changing – feudalism dying b/c of pop increase, city expansion, increased wealth etc. - increase trade was bringing in new ideas as well as things like the Plague - pop dropped from 75 million to 50 million after plague - Humanism – up until the 1300’s society revolved around the church and it began to take a turn focus of art and literature towards achievements of human kind - they began to use the vernacular language instead of Latin - th
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