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Lecture 3

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University of Guelph
HIST 2100
Alan Gordon

HIST 2100 Lecture 3 9/17/2012 9:23:00 AM Jacques Cartier and French Exploration 1. Early Exploration a) Inter Caetra and the Treaty OF Tordestilla b) Binot Paulmier de Gonneville (1503) c) Giovanni da Verrazano (1524) 2. Cartier’s Voyage a) Fish and Fur in the St. Lawrence b) Jacques Cartier c) the First Voyage (1534) d) the Second Voyage (1535-36) e) The Third Voyage (1541-42) f ) Cartier and the Myths about him 3. 16TH Century French Colonization a) Nicolas Durand de Villegagnon at Brazil b) Jean Ribault in Florida c) Tadoussac 4. Why the French pulled out of the Atlantic _____ __________ _________ ___________ 1. a) - the Spanish and Portuguese persuaded the Pope that they owned the world because they were the first explorers - the pope called that papal bull Inter Caetra - the line which split the Portuguese land from the Spanish moved every year - they didn’t consult with the natives of any country over there - the Kings were becoming very wealthy and could build armies b) - Gonneville decided to ignore the Portuguese claims of the Cape of Good Hope and tried to sail there - he got lost and came ashore on Southern Brazil - January 1505 he set sail north to France - he brought back a Brazilian native person and paraded him around to all of Europe - his expedition was private, out to get rich c) - Verrazano was the first commissioned explorer - he sailed for the French - had to find a route around North America to get to Asia - he found narrow inlets but never a trail - said he didn’t find a way but there was prospects for a way 2. a) - Fish was very important for the Europeans - the dry fishery was the better way to transport fish back to Europe (need land) - from about 1480 sailors had been on the Grand Banks for fishing but didn’t land - John Cabot discovered land that seemed to not be inhabited by people - by the 1520’s lots of Newfoundland coast had been scouted by Europeans - with all these Europeans driving around, they eventually ran into natives - either at war with natives or trading with them b) - French King Francois wanted gold and silver, he wanted to find new lands to start exploiting natural resources - Cartier was born probably 1491, died 1557, he married well, sea captain - he was hired by the King of France in 1332 for his sea knowledge - commissioned him to go off to the world to find the “New Found Lands” - didn’t want to piss the Spanish off too much, by naming he’s only finding new land that’s not in the Inter Caerta c) - Cartier set off in a fairly straight line, seemed to know where he was going - landed where he wanted to go, Funk Island - from there he headed north to the Straight of Belile - be decides to back track down the backside of Newfoundland - He began to sail along coast of Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick - after sailing into Hot Bay, they met natives who tried
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