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Lecture 4

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HIST 2100
Alan Gordon

HIST 2100 Lecture 4 9/19/2012 9:27:00 AM Champlain and the Foundation of New France 1. Champlain the Man 2. False starts and the origins of Acadia a) the De Monts trading company b) Ste. Croix and Port Royal 3. The Founding of Quebec a) the nature of the colony b) relations with aboriginal people c) exploration of the interior d) Etienne Brule 4. Cardinal Richelieu’s New France a) the Company of New France (100 Associates) b) the Kirke Brothers c) Economic uncertainty and population growth 5. Québec and its Neighbours a) Maisonneuve and Ville-Marie b) Huronia and the Iroquois c) Dollard des Ormeaux _____ ______ ______ _____ ______ _______ 1. - Champlain founded Québec - he rose to prominence around the 1600’s - after years of strife in France, Henry IV granted tolerance to protestants and brought it into somewhat unity/stability - Champlain seemed to be protestant, the name Samuel and the area he grew up in - he was converted, following king or had to? - he was a soldier and cartographer - started traveling oceans in 1601 and 1603 to find fortunes - wasn’t a noble man even though sometimes called Samuel de Champlain - he remained single until about his 30’s, married a 12 year old for an alliance of families - often referred to as the first governor of New France but never had that title, but he was in charge - he went to the Caribbean - he went on a merely sightseeing voyage with DuPont to Tadoussac while he was looking for fur trades - Champlain picked up on the fur trade while he was there, thought that Acadia would be a better place for fur trading 2. a) - Acadia is basically Maritimes Canada with heavy emphasis on mainland Nova Scotia - Du Monts managed to get a monopoly from the King of France on fur trade in order to start a colony - put Champlain in charge, who brought group of men back to colonize b) - he settled colony on St. Croix island, close enough to the mainland - arrived late in the summer so crops they planted never matured - had to rely on stores of food - ran through supplies of firewood on island and the river they were in began to freeze but not totally so couldn’t go across to mainland - ice flows also cut them off from fresh water (they’re in the mouth of the Bay of Fundy) - scurvy set in - roughly half of the men in that colony died - decided to go somewhere else in the spring - he explored that there was a better spot across the Bay of Fundy at Port Royal - built buildings all up against each other to conserve heat, also picked a spot with a warmer climate, and abundant wildlife and trees - things began to improve - the Order of Good Cheer started to keep everyone’s spirits up - colony was starting to become successful two winters later and just when they were getting on their feet the King denounced the monopoly and told everyone to come back to France - Champlain wanted to set up a new trading post farther up than Tadoussac 3. a) - set sail for Statacona and Hashalaga (now Quebec City), but when he got here these people were gone (no one knows why) - they arrived in what appeared to be empty territory - there were only men, no European women until 1610-15 - people were still dying of scurvy and it made it hard to recruit people to come b
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