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September 9th Notes

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University of Guelph
HIST 2100
Jason Wilson

th Sept 9 2013 Pre-Columbian America: pre 1500 (pre Chris Columbus) Studying Native History: Historiography  Shift from great men to great events to emphasis on structure, culture, etc  No single narrative to native history  Natives have different interpretation to their origins than the Europeans do  Sources include material evidence, oral evidence and written evidence Origins of Native People  Scientists, European Canadians and others believe that stone age homosapiens from aziatic origins were our first inhabitants  Between 30000 b.c.e. – 10000 b.c.e. they came but their method of travel is disputed  Natives were in the Yukon and alberta and nova scotia by 10,000 BCE  By 3,000 BCE the ice had receded and we were entering a period where there was no more coming of people, animals and plants Change in the Pre-Contact Era: Fluidity  Stonehenge and the pyramids were built  We don’t know a lot of this period but it is believed that there was a lot of fluidity and flux—new food sources emerged and tribes continued to look for food and travel  Spread of disease decimated populations as well as wars, there was interbreeding as well creating new tribes and cultures  Tech changes such as the bow and arrow being introduced in 250 CE, these were stoneage people that used stone-tipped arrows and stone axes, heated stones in the fire and put them in wooden bowls for food—they used cold hammered copper, there were no wheels  1500 is the contact year—prior to this about half a million lived in Canada—half in the BC coast and half in southern Ontario (due to the rich food sources)  the diversity has been classified through l
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