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September 23rd Notes

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University of Guelph
HIST 2100
Jason Wilson

rd Sept 23 2013 Jacques Cartier and Other Early Explorers 1. Historiography a. Earlier writings said they were heroes, it was an inevitable success, met with retaliation from the natives b. Now writings say that they weren’t heroes, the natives willingly participated in the relationship, it wasn’t as much of a success as everyone believed 2. Exploration a. John Cabot i. First Englishmen that came to Canada (grand banks of newfoundland) in 1497 ii. Tried to convince the King to finance a mission for 18 people to cross the atlantic to search for gold iii. England accepts because they are competing with Spain for overseas territories iv. The first English presence in future Canada—stops for a brief time on newfoundland or cape Breton, then planted a flag on cape Breton area v. He discovered fish off of the grand banks of newfoundland vi. Discovers a passage (which he thinks is to india) but it is the gulf of the st. Lawrence b. Jacques Cartier 1534, 1535-6, 1541-2 i. France orders him to go search for gold, he had probably already been to newfoundland ii. Explores further into the gulf of the st. lawrence—establishes the French presence in this part of the country iii. Brings with him a European mindset—he feels culturally superior c. First voyage (1534)—on prince edward island, the natives (miq maq) approached him with birds which suggests that they had been approached by Europeans before i. He then moved into the Gaspe, where the Iroquois met him, but they were not familiar with the Europeans ii. He painted a cross on the land iii. He took back the two sons of the chief as evidence that he made it to the new world d. The next voyage (1535-5)—he brought the natives back, they called the area Kanata, he travelled more inland i. Moved up the st. Lawrence, through the territories, ignoring the natives ii. Stadacona (quebec city)—cartier encountered a huge iroquois village, he went to the highest point in land and named it Mont Royal—they weren’t used to the ice and snow though and a lot of the Frenchmen got scurvy iii. They borrowed a lot from the natives to survive the winter rd Sept 23 2013 iv. Hochelaga (montreal) –natives told cartier of a famous kingdom further west, so the Frenchmen started planning their next trip, believing it was Mexico v. The Frenchmen had a feast and kidnapped 10 natives (2 chiefs) and took them back to france where they showed them off and they all died e. Cartiers third voyage (1541-2) i. Brings 120 colonists, where they spend the winter at stadacona ii. The natives killed 35 of the Frenchmen iii. The next year, over 200 frenchmen are sent over, but 50 died of scurvy iv. It is internationally recognized that this is Frances’ territory v. Cartier charted most of the gulf of the st. Lawrence and a good part of the st. Lawrence itself—huge advancements for geography vi. French decided they weren’t really interested in the area anymore—there wasn’t any gold or silver, etc vii. In the late 19 century, the French in montreal start looking into their past for a hero, and they decide to memorialize Jacques Cartier f. Tourism i. 1563, wealthy men decide to travel to Newfoundland, but it ends up awful and they are rumoured to have eaten each other g. Martin Frobisher, 1576-78 i. Tried to find a northwest passage to the arctic ii. Approaches many merchants for funds for travel iii. Encounters the inuit in the Hudson bay area in 1577—he gets hit with an arrow with an iron tip (the
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