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Lecture 2

HIST 2200 Lecture 2: Hist2200 Lecture 2 (01.12.2016)

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University of Guelph
HIST 2200
Chelsea Hartlen

Hist*2200 Lecture #2 ▯1 Chelsea Hartlen T/Th 1:00-2:20 Topic - The Christianization of Rome Key Words Latin Trivium and Quadrivium romulus and Remus St. Paul of Tarsus Apostles Emperor Diocletian (285-305 C) Emperor Constantine (306-337 CE) Emperor Theodosius (378-396 CE) The Legacy of Rome in the MiddleAges - Classical History (Ancient Greece and Rome) > Medieval Europe > Early Modern Europe > Modern Europe and NorthAmerica - Torch of western heritage passed on from period to period (history viewed as a relay) - Nationalism: countries focused on teaching history by discussing their own countries history - Legacy left from Rome in the middle ages • latin (romance languages) • military theory • architecture • education • law • history - What aspects of society did Rome give to the middle ages? - Medieval society didn’t live in the shadows of Roman history b/c they were thinking about what they were going to eat next - Writing, sculptures, buildings were much less sophisticated - Society lost a lot of history during the Fall of Rome b.c we couldn’t replicate things that they had done - French, Spanish, English, Italian all have bases in Latin languages - Germanic languages > North - Latin > academic language - Everyone knew some of it (unless you were uneducated) - Most influential piece: Vitruvius (architecture blueprint) - Medieval Education - 11th century (first Universities) - St.Augustine of Hippo (Trivium - speech, Quadrivium - numeracy were the most important aspects of education) - Grammar - Dialectic Hist*2200 Lecture #2 ▯2 Chelsea Hartlen T/Th 1:00-2:20 - Rhetoric - Geometry - Algebra - Music - Astronomy - Roman Law was followed. - Rome is still important to us (Plutarch, Caesar, Tacitus, all wrote about the Fandom of Rome) - Romulus and Remus (echo’s other historical births like Moses) - King Nemotoric daughter was forced to become a vessel priestess (tucked safe away) but she ended up pregnant (maybe by Mercury or Hercules) with Romulus and Remus -She was buried alive -Nursed back to health by a she- wolf, then a woodpecker -Grew into great warriors -Decided to build a civilization and challenge their uncle. -Two hills (couldn’t decide which one to build it on) so Romulus kills Remus and they build the Roman empire -31BCE - 180 CE Roman empire reached its height from Danube to Iraq, Britain to Egypt -Rome becomes Christian - The Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth The Spread of Christianity - Emphasized a saviour god - Religious focus moves from the here and now to the quality of your afterlife - Jesus of Nazareth > written about in the 4 gospels, healed the sick, loved the poor, love, compassion. Thought people should live a simple life and help others. - Claimed to be god and the son of god - Gave Christianity a huge advantage (b.c it gave them 1 omnipotent god) - No dietary restrictions and no circumcision - Deceitful’s of Jesus (Apostales) - Poor, women, slaves and sinners > all given help by Jesus - Won a considerable following in the first 3 centuries Suppression andAdoption - Diocletian’s Reforms (285-305 CE) - New Rules of Succession Hist*2200 Lecture #2 ▯3 Chelsea Hartlen T/Th 1:00-2:20 - New government seats - Edict of prices - Census and fiscal reforms - Religious intolerance - Antagonistic towards Roman values - Compulsory, not compatible with the way that Roman’s have been living their lives - 3rd century, empire was in a ton of trouble - Diocletian crushed Christianity (blamed them) and outla
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