HIST 2200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Carolingian Art, Pope Zachary, Sorus

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Published on 4 Feb 2015
Lecture 5 – September 23rd 2014
The Carolingians
Feudalism and the Stirrup
Emerged in France in the 8th century
Response from the Franks
Political system
Increased use of horse
Pepin the Short – King of the Franks
Brunner (1894) – Carolingians fight on horseback
Bloch (1939) – 8th Roman nobility replaced by new class
oLand exchanged for services
White Jr. (1962) – Feudalism a military necessity
oKey interventions: stirrup and pommel
oNew technology was the reason behind feudalism
Pepin the Short and the Donation of Constantine
Holy Roman Empire rivals the Byzantine Empire
Kingdom of Franks founded by Clovis – King is Pepin
oClovis (481-511)
First Merovingian
oChilderic III (743-751)
Last Merovingian
oCharles Martel (742)
Operates as king – although doesn’t call himself king
Palace Mayor
Fights tours
oPepin the Short (751-814)
Consults pope Zachary
Pope anoints Pepin King of the Franks
Thanks the pope by conquering lands of Northern Italy held by the
Gives land to the Papacy
oCharlemagne (768-814)
Rules as king of the Franks (son of Pepin)
Said to be a “true” warrior
Legends and stories
Germanic Kings
oMilitary Support
Church Hierarchy
oMoral justification
oCommunity membership
oPolitical alliances
Coronation of Charlemagne
Built on the strategy of Clovis and others
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