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University of Guelph
HIST 2250
Mary- Anne Moroz

ForestsForestry in India Summary NotesIndia Timber Punjab Exhibition of 1864 featured timber and other forest products featured alongside minerals metal manufacturing dyes pottery saltsoils Section devoted to animal products such as silk musk and wool drugs such as opium economic crops such as tea cotton flax spice grains and pulses Indigenous hardwoods were prime richestherefore led to deforestationDemand by British army navyrailwaysBy midnineteenth century British Indias factories workshops and recently made railway networks from 1853 were dependent on cedar which was liked for its easiness to workTeakwas noted for its durability strength virtual immunity to insectfungus attack light weight etc Good for shipbuilding bc it doesnt warpalso bridges housesfurnitureThe timber was even used to make camp furniture and build an army Barracks at Bangalore Exported to EuropeAmericaSal Trees provide strong heavy hard wood for sleepersall types of construction Bark used in tanning DeodarChirpineSecrete hydrocarbon substance which can be used in oil painting
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