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University of Guelph
HIST 2260
Norman Smith

HIST 2260*DE – Unit 6 Summary PRELIMINARY A SSESSMENT  Dis-integration refers to separation of individual’s view of proper place of religion in life. Separation of religio (public, institutional side of faith) from spiritus (internal, spiritual side of religion) within individuals and within societies. Mediaeval world generally succeeded in integrating these two at both individual, personal level and at societal, national, and even international level  Reformation marks beginning of end of integration and reign of dis-integration o Firstly in nationalization of religion – Christianity no longer religio which transcended national boundaries, but was not religio contained within national boundaries  Mediaeval world based on personal loyalties in social hierarchy stretching from peasants on bottom to kings on top, and only secondarily on language and national customs o Social hierarchy began to be replaced by loyalty to nation - still represented by king at top, but nation first o Religion followed in process (Reformation), which reflects this division into national units on level of faith  Fragmentation – part of theme of religion and society, as religion began to be one of units of nationalism, rather than international phenomenon  In mediaeval Europe, Other subsisted only in Judaism and in few, fiercely repressed heretical versions of Christianity. With Protestant Reformation we have full re-appearance of Other – in Protestant countries, Catholics become Other; in Catholic countries, Protestants fill this role  In Mexico, the Catholic Church will become the Other despite Mexico’s being an almost wholly Catholic country because religio and spiritus are ripped apart by the state. In the United States, Catholics are the Other until fragmentat
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