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University of Guelph
HIST 2600
Rebecca Beausaert

Feb 3 HIST 2600 Canadas Century: Laurier and Imperialism 1. Canada in the wake of Louis riel’s excecution a. Repercussions for decades b. Affects French Canadian feelings toward the federal government c. Affects feelings of nationalism d. After Louis riel’s execution; leader of quebec wing (honore mercier) publically denounces conservative politicans like john macdonald who he deems responsible for riels execution e. English Canadians supported macdonald but French catholics denounce him f. Parti national i. Mercier urges fellow quebekers to form an exclusive French Canadian party that would put quebec and French canada’s interests first ii. Response to notion that federal government has too much power over provincial government iii. Mercier says that riel’s execution was like a declaration of war against quebec g. 1886, year after riel’s execution, mercier is elected premier of quebec h. first interprovincial conference, 1887 i. influence of federal government should be diminished ii. provinces want larger federal subsidies and abolition of federal power of disallowance iii. wants senate reformed to strengthen provincial power iv. premiers want increased rights v. not much really happens after the conference vi. 1887 is when laurier becomes a big name on the national political scene 2. Wilfred laurier a. Takes over for Edward blake b. Francophone born in quebec in 1841 c. Elected to the legislative assembly at age of 30 d. Runs for federal seat in 1874, serves in the cabinet of prime minister alexander Mackenzie e. Laurier blames conservatives and argues that it happened because the conservatives neglected the metis grievances in manitoba f. Great compromiser g. Issue of the French English problem—decides to appeal to both English protestants and French catholics h. French English tensions continue to mount i. Plays out in three major national/political issues 3. French-canadian nationalism and provincial rights a. Jesuit estates controversy i. Begins in 1888 ii. Jesuits in quebec want lands returned to them that were taken in the 18 century, or receive financial compensation for their loss iii. Premier mercier appeals to pope to act as arbiter in the dispute iv. Mercier distributes $400,000 as compensation v. Protestant English-speaking Canadians dislike papal intervention in government affairs, don’t think church and state should be intertwined vi. Jesuits estates act vii. D’alton mccarthy; anti catholic and conservative from Ontario 1. Calls on federal government to disallow Jesuit act 2. Canada should be one common culture based on a more british protestant culture viii. John a macdonald refuses to intervine in the matter and refuses d’alton macarthys request b. New Brunswick schools question i. New Brunswick provincial government moves to deny public support to separate French schools providing religious instruction ii. Removes minority rights and right of French to be educated differently than English majority iii. Francophones in other provinces don’t receive same priveleges of the Quebecers unless it was in law before the confederation iv. 1871 com
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