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HIST 2600
Rebecca Beausaert

HIST 2600 feb 10 Canada’s century: laurier and imperialism 1. Wilfred laurier continued a. Tried to bring French speaking cnaadians together for the greater good b. Faced with a series of issues and controversies c. ‘the twentieth century will be the century of Canada’1904 d. things were going well economically e. very optimistic, forward looking politician f. development of western Canada was important to him g. encourages construction of a second trans continental railway h. wants to stimulate more settlement and colonization in the prairies i. western boom occurs due to immigration, and stimulates Canadian economy and cements confederation with creation of alberta and Saskatchewan j. ethnic tension between French and English k. imperialism is big issue; imperial tie with Britain is still strong l. where does Canada belong? m. British empire reaches the peak of its power in the 1840s, in 1890s there is emergence of new world superpowers like Germany, Italy, and USA 2. Imperialists, autonomists and continentalists a. Imperialists believed Canada was an intergral part of the british empire and had a vital and active role to play; view strong in English Canada among conservatives i. 19 century is their era ii. Britain and france expand their empires worldwide b. Autonomists were mostly in quebec, more liberal supporters and leftists, opposed imperial federation, Canada should only be involved in imperial affairs that directly affected Canada c. Continentalists favoured closer economic ties and even political association with the US, smarter for Canada to have close ties in north America because Europe was declining in significance i. Want free trade between Canada and USA ii. Saw union with USAwas good to assimilate the French canadians 3. The new imperialism a. Important for brtain to maintain their colonies around the world, maintaining economic and military dominance b. Instead of colonies being used merely for economic purposes, also being used militarily (stationing troops all oer the world) to show dominance and power) c. Canada is being warned that it may have to contribute to imperial defence d. Marked by an aggressive outpouring of emotional attachment to the empire i. Canadians in the later 19 century vocalize and show their patriotism and heritage e. Racial dimensions; throughout the emotional outpouring of british support there is more attention being paid to white anglo-saxon brits f. Germany has a really strong economy and is building a significant navy g. Charles darwins idea of survival of the fittest and natural selection h. Asians,Africans and those from the pacific are of lower order i. Arguments that Canada is the best colony due to our climate; racially and biologically we are superior because we withstand harsh conditions j. Imperialists in Canada believed our relationship with Britain was at the heart of Canadian identity k. Imperial federation league i. Branch fomed in Canada in 1887 ii. Promoted imperial federation and closer union of the british empire iii. Colonies would all be part of a central parliament but remain under control of Britain iv. Promoted canada’s need to be involved with british affairs, such as distant imperialist wars happening v. IODE (imperial order daughters of the empire); one flag, one throne, one empire 1. Had to be of british origin to join, know someone to get into the club 2. Mantra was loyalty to Britain
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