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HIST 2600
Rebecca Beausaert

1. wy moral/social reform movement emerges a. transitional age b. profound changes across Canada; social composition, politics, culture, economy, religion c. these changes are also happening in Britain and th US d. general consensus that Canadian society is not adapting very well to the rapid succession of changes that are happening e. later 19 centruy sees Canada falling apar and breaking down f. efforts to reform; create ideal behaviours and ways of living (reform movement) g. we see individuals that desire to purify and regenerate society, families and individuals i. concerned about canadas future prosperity ii. zero in on the less desirable changes due to the transitional age h. industrialization and urbanization both prompt a range of social issues and concerns that are gaining some public attention i. middle class Canadians really pay attention to these social issues 2. major concerns of reformers in urban Canada a. church steps in to act as a moral guardian b. problems are so vast and widespread its too much for the church to handle c. groups are formed to help the problems d. government steps in in some ways e. housing; poor/working class housing f. working conditions (low conditions, children in the workforce, womens rights) g. poverty is rampant in canadian urban centres h. hygiene/cleanliness i. there is a belief that more and more Canadians aren’t attending church in the 20th century j. fewer people are abiding by biblical principles and practices k. protestant churchs have their own movement: social gospel i. used religious teaching and spiritual activity to promote social change ii. believed people were born good and bad behaviour was caused by the environment in which they lived iii. improving social conditions would create a more moral and religious society l. j.s. woodsworth was a famous social gospeller i. Methodist minister from Winnipeg ii. Primary concern was urban slums and immigration iii. Critiqued canadas semi-open door immigration policy iv. Viewpoint was that immigrants are causing problems and they need to be assimilated faster v. Superintendant of the all=peoples mission in Winnipeg which was set up to help poor immigrants to assimilate in Canadian society m. Many social gospellers and reformers are women n. Women are viewed as very maternal beings, makes sense for women to use their natural instincts to take care of others and it was a ‘hobby’for women o. Women are becoming more public, political, vocal—they are thought of as inherent good beings p. Most urban reformers are concerned with issues in urban centres which are negatively affected by immigration, industrialization, etc q. City beautiful movement i. Called for municipal governments to pay more attention to implementation of social programs, new facilities, street and transportation planning and beautification (green spaces, parts, etc) ii. Alot of the plans are very amibitious, time consuming r. Begin to see the building of settlement houses i. Some offer medical care, education, recreational facilities, library, ii. Wealthy people would live in these with the poor so that the poor could learn the habits of the rich iii. 1902, Toronto was canadas first settlement house s. creation of the salvation army i. different branches would be set up in cities and towns to fight sin and poverty
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