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March 19 2014

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HIST 2600
Rebecca Beausaert

March 19 th 1. wartime economy a. by 1939 the worst years of the depression were over, but the effects are still lingering b. with the outbreak of war, a lot of Canadian manufacturers turn to wartime production (ammunition, etc) c. Canadians are rationing goods d. Economy is less focused on producing civilian godos and more focused on wartime goods e. Food in particular is rationed f. Food luxuries like sugar, tea and coffee, butter, meat had to be cut back g. Gasoline is rationed as well h. Government takes control of rationing; they issue coupon books to families where you give the grocery store your coupons and they only give a certain amount of goods back 2. wartime treatment of enemy aliens a. new mediums and modes of propaganda i. humour, jokes ii. but when things are looking shit, it changes to more aggressive and visually stimulating iii. trying to tug at the heart strings iv. radio ads are popular, films and posters as well b. pacifists, conscientious objectors and those from enemy countries (Germany, japan) were treated harshly c. more internment camps d. war measures act: german Canadians are forcefully sent to internment camps where they can be watched e. Italian Canadians were targeted; forced to be finger printed and photographed—a number are arrested for no just cause f. Japanese Canadians face the harshest treatment g. After attack on pearl habour, Canadians are fearful a similar attack will happen on home soil h. 20,000 jap canadians are sent to specific internment camps i. lots of jap can had their property confiscated and auctioned off i. lost the right to vote j. some japs that weren’t sent to internment camps wre sent to isolated farms in rural alberta, or BC k. lots of families were broken up l. in the 80s, prime minster brian Mulroney finally apologizes and offers 21,000 to families that were interned 3. women on the home front a. absence of male workers means that women are needed in non traditional war related jobs b. government encourages female rectruitment in the labour force c. women are offered decent wages but still much lower than mens d. employers are actively recruiting single and married women and even mothers e. offer mothers nurseries and daycares; in Ontario and quebec a number of factories had nurseries and daycares f. rosie the riveter g. veronica foster—worked in a munitions factory and was known as ‘ronnie the bren gun girl’ h. Canadian men and women were asked in who should be given the preference in post war employment i. Everyone said men i. Alot of these women starting working cause they knew it was temporary j. Alot fof women spend a considerable time volunteering to contribute to the war effort 4. war brides and sex a. while Canadian soldiers were stationed overseas in Britain, a number of them get married b. approx 48,000 war brides and marriages between Canadian servicemen and European women c. first marriage by a british women and Canadian servicemen happens 43 days after they first arrived d. they form an unusual immigrant wave after the war e. lots of women that come, come to escape f. dangerous to cross the atlantic g. once the war brides arrive in Canada, some have happy endings, some do not h. once you’ve arrived , you have to find your husbands family, no matter where they are i. once you find them, not all war brides were welcomed j. a lot of mothers were resentful that their soldier sons had married over seas, they were judgmental of these british girls k. sometimes war brides came home and realized their soldie
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