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University of Guelph
HIST 2600
Rebecca Beausaert

Wednesday January 15 , 2014h th 1. why the push for immigration in the later 19 century th - since the early 19 century immigration integral to canads growth and development, ramps up in the 19 century especially between 1882-1914 specifically - during these years we see about 4 million immigrants come to Canada - mcdonalds national policy was made to unify and expand Canada by moving westwards - rough time getting immigrants to come until 20 century, in competition with the united states and more immigrants going there than here - depending on where you are settling the climate also creates a reason for US immigration over Canada - a lot of the individuals moving west across cacanda in the earlier period are Canadians themselves, from Ontario primarily and the maritimes, moving west to settle - the government does not want just Canadians but also foreigners, do not want depopulation in other areas just to settle the west - the first ‘foreigners’ were Mennonites to settle the west, they are primarily coming from Russia and Ukraine, they disagree with their government and polcies in their native lands, lots of religious conflict between menonites and government and they are passifists so they do not aid in war - Cnaadian government offers religious freedom to Mennonites, as well as the right ot be pacifists, and the government also allows them to settle in secluded, isolated, villages that were only composed of fellow Mennonites - We see them begin arrving in the 1870s about 7,000 come and they largely settle in southern Manitoba (still today very much a large mennoite population) other ‘foreigh’ immigrants were small groups from Iceland, and also jewish citizens from eastern Europe - Icelaners fleeing lack of fertile arable land in native land, in a declining fishing industry, so economically there is not much left in Iceland - Jews in Canada are seeking refuge from the polgroms and Russia rule, much like mennoites, the problem though according to CDN gov’t is that jewish citizens are not settling in rural and agricultural areas that the government wants developed - Most of them end up living and working in urban centers in various occupations, some are working as labourers, some are workinga s merchants running stores - People are coming but until the late 1890s macdonalds vision of the settled west has not come to fruition, those coming are settling the way the government needs them to, so immigration numbers are dismal - Estimated between confed and 1892 only maybe half a millon immigrants come to Canada, and many of them do not stay, moving to the US or back to their native land - Things change in 1896 when Clifford sifton becomes minister of the interior for the Wilfred Laurier government 2. early immigrants to the west 3. Clifford Sifton and the great immigration boom of 1896-1914 - As minister of the interior he is in charge of increasing immigration, there is a real push once he is in power to get more immigrants into Canada - Sifton was a politican, and a business man he was able to convince railway promoters (Canadian pacific railway) as well as the hdusons bay company who also owns some of the land in the west, urging them instead of keeping it for themselves they should sell it to perspective settlers at a decent price, opening up more land for settlement essentially - Sifton and the dpt of interior also design and set up immigration offices in Britain and the United States, these offices sell what Canada is like in a positive way - Also create a number of pamphlets and posters to attract settlers, CDN gov’t sends these works to places in Europe and USA to try and tempt settlers these posters are printed in over a dozen languages showing the efforts of how willing they are to get ppl in - These works glorify Canada, especially the west calling it the Last Best West, claiming theirs homes for millions and not portraying the harsh winter life - Settlers were also promised they would prosper in Canada, longevity and could stay there for the rest of their lives, Canada is portrayed as perfection - Pamphlets are being handed out to young white British and American men maily, although they had been printed in many languages this was the target audience - Clifford Sifton had a semi-open door immigration policy, in these early years in the 1890s gov’t not doing a lot to regulate who is coming but there were defiantly groups that were preffered, generally gov’t wanted anglo-saxon protestants (white) primarily people of British descent and ultimately a hierarchy develops Immigration Hierarchy 1. British & Americans 2. Western and Northern Europeans 3. Eastern Europeans 4. Southern Europeans 5. African Americans and Asians - Believed that Brits adjusted easier to life in Canada, already spoke English so they didn’t need to learn a new language, and they looked like ‘Canadians’ adapting easier to Canadian customs, wars, and traditions, brits who had agricultural experience were even more desired and they do quite well in Canada but those who aren’t farmers find work in towns and booming ciites or they work as hired help on farms, ultimately brits are doing very well - Americans are high on the hierarchy for the same reasons, believed to easily adapt, spoke English, and many of them were already farmers so when they come here they do well, - Nnot all Americans were desired (showing not so open door) African Americans were considered undesireable, even those with agricultural experience were discouraged from coming, Canadian government actually tells African Americans that they cannot withstand the rigorous Canadian climate, saying they are unassimilable essentially - Between 1901 and 1911, only 1,500 African Americans come to Canada - Mainland Western European citizens were wanted by Canadians but they do not feel the need to emigrate to Canda, French citizens are enjoying their own colonies and do not want to send its own citizens to a British colony, plus they were quite wealthy in Europe so there was no need - In Northern Europe, local officials want to keep skilled labourers in their nation and curtail Canadian attempts to entice them, same thing happening in Germany for instance, German population grying to keep population high so discourages N. America, some do come though but the majority of German speaking people that ocme to Canada are from Eaastern Europe, largely poor peasantry with nothing left in eastern Europe - In an effort to bring more western Europeans, sifton offers eurppean shipping agenst money for every immigrant they send to canda, (bribing them in a sense) offering them 5 dollars for ever healthy man women and child that came to Canada ideally they were a farmer or a farm worker, or if they were women employed in domestic service, system is corrupt because its bribery and its eventually shut down but it does bring in 50,000 new immigrnts to Canada meaning it w
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