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Post-Confederation Canada - Complete notes from January 11 2012 - February 8 2012until

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University of Guelph
HIST 2600
Catherine Carstairs

PostConfederation CanadaJanuary 11 2012 Politics in PostConfederation CanadaLecture 2 Propaganda tried to show that voting for sir J A would benefit both industry and agriculture BC joins confederation The population at this time was mostly aboriginal with a large American population as a result of the gold rush in the 1850s In 1966 BC became part of the british colonies a year before confederation They were faced with three options stay part of British colony join Us join Canada The USA at this time purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867BC was surrounded by America SO MUCH AMERICAN INFLUNCE But there are still significant ties to BritainWilliam Smith lover of the UniverseBIG component of confederation supporter of Canada and confederation It wants Canada to assume the colonies debt it wants a road that connects BC to the rest of the colony and wants responsible governmentBUT sir John A promises even more he promises a rail waythis was a successful gesture and BC joined Canadalucrative offer PEI and Confederation By the time of the Quebec Conference PEI had withdrawn from confederation Land issuesPEI had been divided up and given to rich British LandlordsJohn A offers financial support to get rid of these rich British Landlords he also promises a steam ship to join them with Nova Scotia By the 1870s they are on the brink of bankruptcy bc of their crazy railroadto avoid higher taxes they become a province of Canada so the new nation can help alleviate the burden of their debts18671873 John A is in power comes back in 18781891dominates politics in post confederation CanadaWHO CAN VOTE Had to have property must be a male Could not be a woman or a status Indian Had to be 21 In Quebec it has been determined that only about 15 of ppl could actually vote There was NO secrete ballet except for new Brunswickvery problematic Voting didnt always take place at the same time therefore could be manipulated by a political party and manipulate the results 1874liberals win and introduce the secrete ballet all votes must be cast on same day nation wide which minimizes corruption to an extent Still corruption bribes miss representation voting list is tampered with so that people cannot vote Pressure to vote Catholic priestcatholic and therefore influence their church member Employers threatening employees Very dirty gameIdeologies of Parties ConservativesParty of high tariffs centralized government party of the workers made it legal for unions to exist Liberals Party of Free trade provincial rights John A Macdonald and Cartier Strong tradition of close ties between Quebec leader and a leading English politician George Etienne Cartiervery influential in making Quebec join Confederation He said that they would actually get more control that would be solidified by parliament ie language culture religion1878john A tries to bring together Canada with a national policy1 High tariffs keeping American manufacturers out of Canada Liberal party really oppose to this policy Buyersfarmers need American goods to carry out farm and thus were forced to pay a high tax for their necessities HELPS the conservative partythey have all the wealthy manufacturers on their side who will then donate to their party2 RailwayMacdonald comes back into power and put railroad building into affect right away He really wants to see the west settled with people RUPERTSLANDit has been bought and is part of Canada but there is no easy way to get their to settle A better was must be found to get people out to the prairiesBUT building a railway was a HUGE endeavor Part of the problem was the rocky mountains due to the rough terrainVERY HIGH with a hard rock to break down Surveying a path Ex rogers Pass Very scared of the threat of American annexation must create a route for settlement so that Americans dont take the land How to get troops out to prairies Train is necessaryAmerican and native threats3 Settlement of the west through immigration CPRnew company to charter the railway By 1885 CPR was on the verge of bankruptcy 1885 Sir John A is done this CPR but due to the uprising in the NorthWest and the battle of Duff lake the Canadian government realized the importance of getting troops out quickly Fall 1885 the last spike of railway is driven inin BC The trips across the country Montreal to Vancouvertakes 85 hrs Coast of first class ticket was 123 dollars Average railway worker made about 2 dollars a day Chinese Workers in BC Cheaper and easier to get that white workers from eastern Canada Received half the amount of pay Did the most dangerous jobs High death toll as a result 3 Chinese for every 1km of railway1881188517000 Chinese came to Bchigh Asian population Legacy of John A MacDonald A drunk It was just another liberal that turned his stomach He is a great alliance builder and witty man Gross degree of patronage and political corruption
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