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Lecture 6

HIST 2800 Lecture 6: Lecture 6 - Feb 12

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HIST 2800
Erin J Schuurs

Lecture 6 February 14, 2017 Ideas for film review Radical suffragettes Historical accuracy What is the method, would historians agree with this film? Is there an issue with race? Is it missing? Look for a flaw, use the historians article to prove why its wrong Look at a specific scene, is it portrayed accurately Suffragette Film Notes London 1912 Women are equal in labour, they should also be able to vote violet Wont respect the law till the law is respectable Women doctor? Exercise their rights Women get beaten at rally and arrested If youre a wife, you act like a wife Only thing left is to defy the government Be a rebel not a slave Ms. P came out of hiding, huge threat to government Women are shamed for getting involved Sexual harassment in the workplace Women are told that no one cares about their problems Travel through a secret path, underground The law states that men control where the child stays, they have control No reason for arrest, just arrest them Shove the food down her throat through a tube, inhumane treatment No security when the king comes to events, too crowded Women are hiding out and sleeping in the church 1918 the vote was given
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