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Lecture 7

HIST 2800 Lecture 7: Lecture 7 - Feb 28

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HIST 2800
Erin J Schuurs

Film: Forgotten crossing to Canada Lecture 7 Feb 28 2017th Moral Regulation and Saving the Children 18301920 th Main Point: From 1830 until the early 20 century, philanthropic organizations and later the state, increased their presence within peoples private lives. The crusade for childrens rights meant an increased role for the state in the lives of children. Intro Before 1830, gov. and philanthropists didnt concern on children Policies towards children were disengaged from its former purpose Before, raising children was linked with religion and future man power New concern is saving children for the enjoyment of childhood The goal of philanthropists, they think they can intervene in peoples now private life philanthropists funded children programs, schools, foster care Philanthropists they are usually Christian inspired by social groups not revolutionaries they worked in the established structures of society motivated to keep the status quo in place 19 century is a big revolution time Scared of the lower class The social gospel and anxiety of revolution motivate philanthropists to try to maintain social order They usually get criticism but not when they help children Philanthropy Policing society? They take on interventionist ideology They feel like they are doing it for the right reasons Policing of families was considered pivotal Poor families bad family higher chance of delinquency Lots of social disciplining through outside agencies Teach the middleclass life to lower class families Children were not the only ones on the receiving end There was a push for sexual purity o Sexuality was disciplined Jack the Ripper Tale of moral regulation Part of a formative movement in female sexual politics Used to justify the restrains of social roles, keeps women out of public sphere (for their own good) 10 weeks, 1888, 5 female prostitutes were mutilated and murdered, densely populated areas He was never caught The blame was placed on the victim Over world vs under world White chapel suffered from urban degeneration The identities of the victims were stigmatized o Drank too much o Separated from husbands o Lived in lodging houses o Middle age
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