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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 Part 1

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HIST 2800
Linda Mahood

HIST*2800-01; Mar. 6/13; Manhood Pg. 1/2 Lecture 7 - A healthy society was a stable society Conformity & Deviance in Suburbia: Swinger Parties - According to theorists, prostitution is the world’s oldest career - Prostitution is according to some, more accurately, the world’s oldest tension reducer - Really sexist theory - Capitalism requires a monogamous relationship - Society generally disapproves of prostitution - Man always driven to look for mates/sexual lust o If the man was always leaving, that would cause the family to be dysfunctional - Between the 1920s and 1960s, people’s thinking about sex had changed o We learned about this pre-midterm 1 - Divorce rate began to rise (in 60s?) and threatened social stability - The latent function of prostitution protected the emotions of everyone - “The Swinging Revolution” o Men and women would do it  Thus, no one would feel guilty o Couples would be recruited o There were swinging clubs and swinging bars o Highly organized way of permitting spouses to have sex with other people and still keep their marriage in tact o Some people thought that swinging actually prolonged a marriage o One could engage in fantasies for a little while and then return to their normal family life - 50% of married men and 26% of all married women had extra-marital affairs (1960s) “…The problem with no name…” - House wife is almost always a middle class woman with a European heritage - In 1960, Betty Freidan launched the idea of feminism o “The Feminine
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