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University of Guelph
HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

HIST 3020 Feb 25 1. sex in pre modern Britain a. sex before sex i. something you did TO one another rather than with one another ii. futuo, future, fututum iii. as something one does to pariticipants aare thought of as doing different things iv. prescriptively and normatively heterosexual and procreative v. penetratormalemasculine behaviour vi. penetratedwomanfeminine behavviour vii. deviations discussed in terms of sin viii. societal vdivision society by sexuality as virginal or married ix. no conceptual space for someone who was neither virginal or married x. most information about sex comes from those who were officially barred from participating in it xi. sources for information about sex 1. theological texts 2. legal documents 3. literary works 4. biographies 2. pre-1000AD inheritance a. aversion to sex as a central featue of early christain thought th b. by the 10 century, monks imposed periodic celibacy upon europes married population i. lent ii. advent iii. during pregnancy iv. menstruation, etc c. fewer than 100 days of the year, your maybe allowed to have sex d. penitential texts i. gave central importance to sexual offenses ii. fostered a distinctly ecclesiastical view of marriage e. early clerical model promoting marriage as life long and indissoluble, restricting divorce, prohibiting remarriage after divorce, discouraging remarriage after a spouses death f. restrictions placed by the church on sexual activity (within and outside marriage) entailed serious consequences, and these ideas wre built upon through the following periods g. systematic conversion from church doctrine to legal prescription commenced about the year 1000 3. the 12 century: gratain and canon law a. increased important in the public aspect of marriage b. real impact of bastardy in terms of inheritance; illegitimate children were allowed to inheret prior to the 12 century c. position of wife and concubine in terms of significance and prestige d. period of change regrrding interactions between men and women; courtly love, ecclesiastical reform, clerical celibacy e. gratian i. very little is known about him ii. f circa 1140 iii. jurist, lived and taught in bologna, a monk? iv. Author of Concordia discordantium canonum v. `written c. 1140 vi. the decretum revolutionized the application of canon law by introducing internal coherence to disparate texts vii. by 1160s was used as a legal textbook in bologna and paris, at oxford and in Germany befeore the the end of the 12 century viii. used within the catholic church until the 20 century ix. transformed from a theology to a legal discipline (canon law) x. consummation made a union perfect and indissoluble xi. marriage had three goals; conjugal fidelity, procreation, mutual support and love, xii. marriage is both spiritual and physical xiii. intercourse is essential but needs to be carefully controlled xiv. sex 1. believed that sex in paradise was different than sex on earth 2. marital intercourse should be restrained and without whorish pleasure, echoing st. Jerome and without unnatural acts 3. beleivedi n the reciprocity of sexual obligation through marital debt 4. advocated periodic abstinence, but still subject to marital debt 5. refusing the marital debt basically gave the spouse the right to cheat 6. extra marital sex was not responsible for involuntary sexual desires, but only voluntary yielding 7. fornication was a sin and major offense against church and law; subject to punishment 4. to the eve of the reformation a. late 12-mid 13 century saw an explosition of commentaries on canon law, especially concerning marriage and sexual activity b. by the mid-13 century, the churchs perspective on sex was established as l
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