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University of Guelph
HIST 3020
Caitlin Holton

HIST 3020 march 11 Aggression, Warfare and Manliness 1. masculine domination and the honour economy a. hero stakes a claim on a passageway or a magical object and holds this place and fights anyone who appears for a certain period of time b. if you don’t fight, you are dishonoured c. lancelot; fought 500 knights in 3 days d. word or pledge exists outside of word or rationality; honour or death e. if masculinity is performative; warfare is the ideal grounds for proving masculinity f. Pierre Bourdieu i. 1930-2002 ii. French sociologist iii. Theory of practice iv. Masculine domination, 2001 in English v. ‘maniless must be validated by other men, in its reality as actual or potential violence’ vi. ‘maniless is an eminently relational notion, constructed in front of and for other men and against femininity g. honour economy i. finite resource ii. in order to gain honour, you need to take it from someone else iii. your gain in honour is the result of someone elses loss iv. if hegemonic masculinity is the most honoured way of being a man, that honour has to come from somewhere (a complicit or subordinated male) v. the relationships must be transactional since honour is a limited resource vi. idea of honour as a central, constitutive and explicit component of male identity; something tied to ones behaviour and others recognition of the appropriateness of that behaviour vii. honour as something that can be lost or taken from you as well as gained viii. 2. conceptualizations of violence a. peace of god i. an idealistic peace movement created in the hope of stopping private warfare ii. the first decree occurred in 989 at the Synod of Charroux and spread throughout western Europe through the 12 century iii. first large scale peace movement in Europe to protect the poor through total elimination of private warfare b. true of god i. more pragmatic peace movement wose purpose was to stop or limit bloodshed, crop and property destruction as a result of private warfare ii. the decrees of the truce of god used spiritual sanctions to limit the days on which fighting was permitted iii. warfare probited from wednesady night to Monday morning iv. 80 days of the year that you could fight c. violence is condoned and reveled in 3. tournaments: prowess and competition a. ‘tournaments as sites of gender performance’ b. challenge, opportunity for glory, physical risk, violence and pain=cathartic c. means of resolving private grudg
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