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HIST 3130
Ashley Mathisen

Britain 1850 – present Victorian Britain Themes 1)end of the empire: declining imperial responsibilities (india, Ireland, commonwealth) the ‘irish question’ changes in british national identity 2) the rise of respectability: emergence of Victorian morality, the “angel in the house” domesticity the separate spheres of public and private life 3) the reconfiguring of women’s roles and feminity: beginning of the women’s roles and feminity: beginning of the women’s suffrage movement, greater female involvement in the workforce, expansion of education to women, lingering traditional expectations of feminity 4) the rise, fall, and reformulation of socialism: emergence of trade unions, keir hardie and the roots of the labour party, greater political participation from all classes 5) the problem of poverty: continuation of the 18 century concern with life in the industrial city; new emphasis on the poor as a “Foreign” people; desire t map and control poverty .in 1850 british empire was at its height, in 1851 london hosts the great exhibition of the works of all industry of all nations at the crystal palace (invited countries to bring items that showed their countries wealth, celebrated british wealth and industry through steel production, railways and technology.) was incredibly important to be seen at the great exhibition. Accessible to the poor as by this time people had more money to spend and entrance was cheap, great exhibition had middle class values. British national consciousness in Victorian era was bound up in the empire. Had westernized much of india which created a lot of antagonism but Britain pointed to it as success of imperialism, allowed some autonomy to Canada, Australia, nz for trade, two british empires existed where there was one under direct rule and one with an emphasis on trade and autonomy. In the 1870s Britain was declining some imperial responsibilities, just as british economic prosperity was beginning to decline, by 1890s was losing influence to Germany and usa. Went to war twice for empire in ww1 and 2 afterwards Britain was weak. The “Irish Question” .ireland became part of the UK in 1800, but the nationalist movement remained strong throughout the 19 century .nationalists petitioned for home rule but they were continually defeated by the british parliament. By th beginning of 20 century the movement stalled, radicals under irish republican brotherhood launched war in 1916 (easter rebellion) te irish war of independence (1919-1921) and posed a challenge for policing of crime in british cities The cult of respectability .queen Victoria reigned from 1837-1901 .she and her husband prince albert (d.1861) came t define the ultimate ideal of Victorian family life. Between 1840-1861 victoria’s family was the family to aspire to, was seen as ideal. th .victoria’s popularity was tied to the emergence in the early 19 century of the “cult of respectability”, a middle-calss movement that emphasized religion, domesticity, morality, self-improvement, thrift and duty. Emphasis to return to religion and charity. Victorian society was incredibly middle class which was by far the largest segment of society who controlled culture. The “Angel in the house” .women were imagined as angels in the household, was seen as a pure place instead of dirty workforce for men. “there is no mre fruitful source f family discontent than a housewife’s badly-cooked dinners and untidy ways.” Challenging Gender .from the 1870s, women were given rights to property (married w
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