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University of Guelph
HIST 3130
Ashley Mathisen

Introducing the Old Bailey thlegal system in 1819th century Britain was messy and didnt develop on a logical framework Much developed from law structures from the middle ages The Justice system part one policing crime only a small number of crimes led to a trial A result of cost and burden of the apprehending the criminal Many crimes were bargained before making it to the courtroom In the absence of a police force until 1829 London essentially policed itself and many crimes went unreported people expected to apprehend the criminal themselves Yet There were levels of law enforcement 1 Royally appointed sheriffs and baliffs primary law enforcement officials in countryside 2 County appointed high constablesurban 3 Parish appointed petty constables urban and volunteer before the police force they were few in numbers Watchmen were also appointed by the parish The Justice system part two the magistrates once arrested those accused of felonies were brought before a magistrate justice of the peaceJP which would then be persecuted or put into courtroom if in the magistrate it was much more likely theyd be brought to the court JPs and judges held the balance of power during the golden age of thdiscretionary justice in the 18 century because magistrates could dismiss case if they believed the case was biased magistrates could also police vagrancy
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