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University of Guelph
HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

Housing and the Welfare State: The Scheme 1945-1970 1. two phases a. 1950s inner city slum clearance, move majority of people to new peripheral housing estates, rebuild in the inner city b. 1960s new perimeter 2. purpose a. to house the working classes in acceptable conditions b. subsidized for those in need c. low rent for those in need of work d. both phases do not solve underlying issues e. both contribute to youth gang activity f. legacy Is still with us 3. 1950s peripheral estates a. first major phase of slum clearance b. fill an immediate social need c. typicall of many british cities d. hotbed of gang activity by the late 60s e. alinetation due to removal from city centres f. time of massive social reconstruction g. welfare state is implemented h. peripheral schemes; initially the answer to the perceived urban blight i. Glasgow is a good example because it shares the problems of the other urban cities but is unique on the scale of it; problems are amplified by 100 i. Scale of material deprivation is unbelieveable ii. 750,000 were living in 1800 acres, 400 people per acre; 700 to an acre in some places j. 1/3 of the regions have to leave their homes to use the toilet k. lack of clean water, disease is rampant l. 43% had no indoor toilet in Glasgow m. 1.7% of Londoners had no indoor toilet n. more people in glasgows history are being cleared out of the Glasgow estates to the peripheries and the highlands o. highland immigration; people in Canada with “mac’names p. commenters at the time are saying they cant believe these conditions are happening in a civilized community q. housing survey to form policies; people have pretty simple needs, they just wanted an inside toilet r. easterhou
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