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HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

Skinheads and British Society in the late 60s early 70s 1. Themes a. Economic and social climates influence working-class youth sub cultures b. Skinheads emerge from a period of economic downturn and middle class counterculture c. Similar origins as teds, mods, and rockers but this time not symbol of affluence; symbol of economic decline nad perceived middle class excess 2. Skinheads a. Emerged as a visible subculture in the late 60s b. Might have come from gritty working class communities like Glasgow c. Steel toe work boots, rolled up jeans and braces (suspenders) d. London is biggest community e. The look is a harder edged branch of the mod scene f. Skinhead is a real term used by the press to refer to the haircut g. Trojan skinheads h. The new skinhead was reacting to the counterculture of the hippies i. Some were racist, definitely all were sexist j. Thousands of young people went on the doll k. More competition within the working classes for job security leading to resentment in their own communities but also immigrants l. Skinheads bring in afro-caribbean music m. Ska formed punk n. Big influx of west Indians in 1948 to great Britain; they were citizens of the UK because of the indian colonies so they could immigrate no problem o. By 1971 there is just under 1 mill of Caribbean origin p. Immigration was limited after 1962; by the early 60s theres a lot of Jamaicans, west Indians q. Ska and regae start to mix 3. Political Climate a. Economic downturn b. Increased unemployment for youth c. Strikes d. Loss of confidence in the labou
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