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Katie Mc Cullough

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The turn of the century, dawn of a new era? 1. social policy in the Edwardian era a. food prices are rising (food is imported, its cheap) b. importing meat from Canada c. cheaper in the countryside d. wages aren’t rising to meet this need e. population is declining f. lower birth rates g. lowing of infant death (still quite high though) h. british government fears population decline—lowering industrial productivity and amount of people that are potential soldiers 2. the labour party, 1900 a. begins as a working class movement b. labour unions c. would overtake liberals as the official opposition to the conservatives by 1920 d. not all working people wanted welfare, would only take it if they were desperate e. electoral reform because not every borough was properly represented f. political organization—working class is growing g. helped people to survive on their own h. self help i. dues could be quite high so the lowest of the working class didn’t generally join j. people would get help from family and neighbours k. labour party advocated full employment, 8 hour days, work for the unemployed, termperance reform, healthy homes, fair rent, no landlordism, no monopoly, justice to labour, democratic government, home rule l. real fear of a workers revolution m. founded by kier hardie n. liberal party (comes into power in 1906) decides to finally deal with social issues and put together the reforms package i. health ii. school inspections and feeding iii. housing and tow
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