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HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

YOUTH IN HISTORY JAN 8 1. Victorian slum a. Less demand for agricultural labour th b. Rapid urbanization throughout the 19 century c. People flock to the major cities in search of work in the new factories d. Textiles, coal mining, iron works, etc e. War is always on peoples mind f. Suffering from low pay from factory owners and irregular work g. Women made less money h. Buildings are shooting up in major manufacturing cities i. Row housing—thrown up quickly, dark, dirty and close together i. Disease, over crowding, large families, poverty, starvation ii. Slum landlords, no glass in windows, dirty buildings, landlords just collected rents and didn’t care iii. Children often played outside to get away from the living conditions, no shoes iv. One bog (toilet) at the end of the row or building, one running tap v. Child slept in the streets vi. No privacy, people live really close together vii. Huge infant mortality rates viii. Had to pay to go to the hospital ix. Households are led exclusively by women—men either die (much higher death rate than women) or working long days j. Cities are becoming more cramped and middle class are moving out to the suburbs k. Working and middle class become more distinct l. Glasgow—multiple fazes of slum/clearance/housing scheme/bulldoze/slum th i. Filthy, brutal in the 19 century ii. Urban workers coming in from the margins and irish immigrants coming in from the famine iii. Were not equipped for all of the irish immigrants in the 1840s m. Single end tenement i. Lower end of the working classes ii. Only had light from the stove iii. One bed, bathing in tins iv. Lasted up until the 50s and 60s 2. The poor laws a. England (wales) 1834 i. Designed to save money, taxpayers saw the old system as a waste of money b. Workhouse is an istutition designed to discourage people to stay idle; uncomfortable conditions, boring, payment to go in, designed to encourage people to get work i. To promote the antithesis of self help, they were promoting self help ii. There were not many jobs available iii. More people still got money outside of the workhouse iv. Humiliate the poor into asking for help v. Charlie chaplin went from the workhouse to become a superstar 1. Traumatic to go to the workhouse vi. Poor person had to prove their were truly destitute vii. Segregation was at the heart of the workhouse system viii. Authorities believed they could contain the poverty and stop the degenerate population ix. Designed to judge people and scare them so people would do anything possible to get out x. Huge stigma, working class people did not want to end up there c. Scotland (1843) i. Scotland uses a poor house (instead of work house) ii. 500 in England, very few in Scotland iii
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