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march 26 2014

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HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

Gangs, drugs 1. the end of the hacienda nightclub a. club scene fuelled by ecstasy and other classAdrugs, rather than alcohol b. gangs and drug dealers begin operating inside the clubs c. gun violence increases in and around the club d. hacienda closes in 1997 e. ‘gunchester’; because of the rampant gun and gang activity i. known as britains Bronx f. Manchester didn’t hold a monopoly on gang troubles i. Had the necessary ingredients in which this violence could go about ii. Moss side riots 1981 iii. Racial tensions, mass unemployment iv. Police officers using excessive force against black youth 2. Violent youth gangs aka hoodie gangs a. Rise out of increased use of classAdrugs in the 80s and 90s b. Competing over territory and profit margins c. Guns favoured over knives d. Located in very poor areas, violence ternds to be located to home turfs e. Severity ix exaggerated by the media f. Still with us today 3. Change from earlier youth gangs a. Not associated with cultural flourishing b. Far more violent c. Over
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