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february 10 2014

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University of Guelph
HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

Swinging 60s 1. 60s generation a. permissive society i. liberal reform of: divorce laws (1969, dissolved by mutual consent) ii. abortion laws (relaxed but still tough to get one) iii. laws governing homosexuality (aged 21 and over and conesting adults) iv. immigration laws relaxed b. drugs c. hippies 2. youth in the 60s a. explosion of moral panics b. pre-rocker: ton up boys i. 1950s ii. also known as leather boys iii. based on greasers of the US iv. greaser and rocker become synonymous by the mid 1960s v. duality of youth continues in mid 60s; deviants and trend setters vi. rockers were consumers; weren’t affluent, made them distinguishable c. worst example of consumer excess d. going to the sea-side was a big working class activity e. clacton-on-sea, easter 1964 i. fights broke out between the mods and rockers ii. shitty weather led to the beach not really being a viable place to hangout iii. sea-side resorts were reporting more violence and the concerns were reported in the media throughout the 60s f. rise’in drug use g. moral panic h. London is the centre of drug culture; soho, amphetamine i. Thousands of teenagers were acquiring black market amphetamine
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