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March 10 2014

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HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

March 10 2014 Youth in history - 1950s, older football fans move away from the game - northwest; manchesteer - train wrecking exploits - unmanageability of youth became a constant media focus - new forms of language emerging in songs, gestures, clothing - football is becoming ritualized - spread through television and modern media - football fans were largely associated with the skinhead culture - doc marten, bracelets, etc started to disappear from the football stadiums because they were being associated with a more glamorous look - glam-rock culture; bay city rollers o becomes wrapped up with football culture o match games were diverse with a multiple of styles o George best; example of glam football  Perms, long hair, celebrity obsessed - When punk explodes in 76/77, heavy policing accompanies the matches and the streets - Segregate the away fans from the home fans in the stands, essentially putting them in cages in the terraces - Football field had a military look to it - Football terraces by thte late 70s were becoming more politicized - Weren’t overly political, neo-facist groups were trying to recruit punk football fans, because they were so different than white regular males - Anti-nazi league response was never as response in the football matches as much as it was in the streets and at concerts - Attention to the slide to the new right, british movement in the 70s - Consolidated with Margaret thatchers rise in the late 70s - Skinhead culture returns - White working class males reidentify with the masculine skinhead look - Bowie was influential in the mid to late 70s o Everchanging gender bending styles o Appeal to british youth th
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