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march 17 2014

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HIST 3200
Katie Mc Cullough

Youth in Margaret Thatchers Britain return of the skinheads and the madchester scene 1. Thatcherism a. Privatization and free markets b. Curtail trade unions c. Shut down most manufacturing d. Service based industries e. Cut public services f. British nationalism both at home nad abroad g. Transition from manufacturing to service based h. Emphasis on privatization i. Reduction of borrowing, tax cuts j. Reform of law and trade unions k. Owed her electoral victory to a system that gave the minority of votes the majority of seats l. Didn’t like Scottish and welsh nationalists m. By 1980, inflation rose to 22% n. Severe dose of orthodox deflation; tax cuts, public sector borrowing o. Some conservatives opposed this because they were fearing more unemployment p. 4,000,000 by the mid 80s were unemployed q. had the conservatives that opposed her resigned, she might have backed down but they didn’t r. fires people that don’t like her and hires those that will stand by s. country faced worst depression since 30s t. 25% of manufacturing destroyed u. memberships to unions declined v. thatcher was careful to avoid provoking the unions w. miners strike 84-85; thatcher announced her plans to close a bunch of factories x. surplus of coal at this point cabinet insisted in maintaining full electricity supplies y. by
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