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HIST 3410 September 23 2013 Pre Colonial Africa.docx

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HIST 3410
Femi Kolapo

HIST 3490 September 23 2013 September 23 2013 HIST 3490 Pre- Colonial Africa Early Humans in Africa Non- academic local understanding of earliest human history - “Ideas that they emerged from a hole” or “dropped from the sky”= non- academic o Ways to understand, cosmological explanations to formalize methods and reasoning for existence o Concept of humans, society and the beginning of life is creationist o Mythical ways to understand life - Mythical/ religious - Creationist - Local rather than universal - Ethical/ religious Africa as the Cradle of Humans how? Available sources beyond written documents now allow for reconstruction of a long history for Africa Fossil evidence Earliest tool finds Closest genetic relative of man, gorillas and chimps found only in Africa DNA evidence - DNA has shown that the oldest DNA traces have been in Africa Parameters oh Human’s Evolutionary Development Basis of reconstruction: fossil & toll specimens are examined a)Biological a. How they can manipulate their environment equals their physical biological ability to do so and thus changes in such things results in development Biological Development i. Bipedalism: was considered to be very important in the process of evolution ii. Australopithecines: early members of the human line iii. Biology: size, brain, cranium 1. a robust- 2.6 to one million years ago 2. Biology: huge jaws, teeth, skulls 3. b. Gracile- about 4 million years, different species… with jaws, teeth, forehead & skeletons closer to modern
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