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HIST 3410 October 2 2013 Pre Colonial Africa .docx

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HIST 3410
Femi Kolapo

October 2 2013 HIST 3410 HIST 3410 Pre- Colonial Africa October 2 2013 *****October 2 HIST 3410 Workshop: two paragraphs READ UNESCO Volume II - How does the author explain the mergence of ancient Egyptian, Nubian & Axumite states: o Great economic development o Whether need to regulate irrigation or o Unification of state under Thinite kings together with the development of writing made it possible to coordinate the regional economics by rationalizing basic construction work and ensuring the organized distribution of food o The development of transport was one determining factor in the progress of the Paranoiac regime - What does the concept of “complex societies” mean? o Interaction with east Asia through trade o Metal work and agricultural developments thus more trades o Development of paper and textiles o Politics and civil servants - What were the social and political significance of religion in ancient Egypt o The temple authorities and high officials exercised power of patronage through their control over food resources o Animals played a large role in peoples diets and every day life through their interpretation of the gods - What major trend/s do you identify in the political history of Egypt o Pharaonic law stressed the/ was resolutely individualistic o Men and women were equal before the law o King took credit for all victories o A sole monarchy regarded has having the sole means of giving the country the driving force necessary for its well being.  King different then the rest of mankind  - What are/ is the most significant source/s for reconstructing the history of the early states of north east Africa and why***** o Archeology and written work Egypt and Africanist historiography - Colonialist perspective o Didn’t see Egypt as part of Africa; saw it as civilized  They didn’t consider Africa as having a history so you could not have considered Egypt as part of the continent because it would contradict their theory that Africa is barbaric and uncivilized  Due to the large quantity of evidence found in Egypt - Giuseppe Sergi: claimed that ancient Egyptians were dark Caucasians- Hamites. o Ancestors of Europeans came from the Horn of Afric
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