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Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 1000
Val Allen

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HTM 1000 Ch.3 World Tourism Business travelers:  meetings; for sales, corporate, regional, product and others  conventions; trade shows and expositions Tourism provides an opportunity for many social interactions Eg. London pub or New York café Sustainable Tourism & Ecotourism Sustainable Tourism Broad-based obligation on society- impact on planning/developing on the federal, state and local government to harmonize tourism/development by improving the quality of its environment and resources Ecotourism Responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment/sustain the well-being of local people.  Focused more on individual values.  Found more likely in developing countries; desserts, rainforests E.g: Principles (TIES)  Eco tourists - Minimize Impact  Government involvement - Build environmental/cultural awareness  Natural environment protection - provide positive experiences for victors/hosts  Economic considerations - provide financial benefit for conservation  Education - support international human rights/ labour agreement
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