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Protein Summary and Egg Notes

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Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 2700
Val Allen

[[V ^[`WZaS^ O •SU^[[WUaW_cUS^W\[ W^_[XSZ[SUV_ O Z[SUV_Z\^[`WZ_S^W[ZWVT _`^[ZY\W\`VWT[ZV_cUS^WT^[WZ Va^ZYZ[^SU[[ZY O [[VS V_\W^_WV O ZVW^Y[Ŷ^WSU`[Z_ÊVWZS`a^S`[ZSZV\[__T U[SYaS`[Z_WWU[a^_W SUX[^ VW_U^\`[Z_ O WZS`a^S`[ZScS _[UUa^_X^_``SWVST[a`VWZS`a^S`[ZWS^W_`ZU[a^_W O ½WS_`_`STWSZV[_`]aU VWZS`a^WVS``W^_[WWU`^U\[Z`" O WZS`a^S`[ZSZV\[__T U[SYaS`[ZUSa_WVT $ 4 "ZU^WS_WZ`W\ 4 WU^WS_WZ\%`[cS^V_" cUZb[bW_SVVZYSUV`[S^WU\W 4 •WUSZUSSU`[ZWYYc`W_[Z O ŒSZ``[Sb[V[bW^'U[SYaS`[ZT Sb[VZY[bW^'WS`ZY 4 _WSV[aTWT[W^[^[bW^'\[SUZY O WSVU[\[_`[ZSZV_`^aU`a^W[XWYY_\VXXW[ZU[a^_WZ aZU`[ZS ^[\W^`W_[XYY_ YY_\W^X[^ŸSZXaZU`[Z_ZX[[V$ ŵ UWZW^_ʽX[^_ Ŷ *WZYSYWZ`_Ê*½X[^_ ŷ [SZYSYWZ`_ÊWYYc`W_[Z Ÿ a_XW^_ÊWU`ZZWYY [_[Z WWTW^`WX[[cZYST[a`[SYaS`[Z$ O cS _[UUa^_SX`W^VWZS`a^S`[Z O Œ V^[YWZT[ZV_S`Œ[US`[Z_c`Z`W\^[`WZ[WUaWS[ZY \[ \W\`VWUSZ O ^WX[^ZY`W[^YZS%'T[ZV_ O Sa_W_`W_SW[^VXXW^WZ`X^[USa_W_[XVWZS`a^S`[Z 4 •[_`U[[ZUSa_W_WS`S_[SUVW,Y,SZVS_W_SaUW YY_S_UWZW^_ O WS`ZYWUSZUSSU`[Z TWX[^WU[[ZYTWYZ_`WVWZS`a^S`[Z[X`W\^[`WZ_ O %WS`U[\W`W_VWZS`a^S`[ZSZVUSa_W_U[SYaS`[Z O `^^ZYVa^ZYU[SYaS`[ZÊVWU^WS_W_`WX[^S`[Z[XZWc V^[YWZT[ZV_ c`Z`W\^[`WZ[WUaWS[ZY`W\[ \W\`VWUSZ 4 •-`a^WX[^_S½[Z S*½ 4 X[^_`^^ZYX[^_[ 4 ,Y,[SZVS_W_SaUWX[^YY_WZWVU`[X`Ua_`S^VZ`^XW YY_SZV*WZYYWZ`_ O WS`ZYWUSZUSSU`[Z TWX[^WU[[ZYTWYZ_VWZS`a^S`[Z[X\^[`WZ_ O %WS`U[\W`W_VWZS`a^S`[ZSZVUSa_W_U[SYaS`[Z O _`^^ZYVa^ZYU[SYaS`[ZS[c_SZ ZWc V^[YWZT[ZV_`[X[^S`ZWc [US`[Z_c`Z`W\^[`WZ[WUaW 4 ŷ'*WX[^_ 4 W,Y,TSWVUa_`S^V\[SUWVWYY_]aUW [X`b_,SWVa_`S^V _SWZY^WVWZ`__S^S[aZ`_VXXW^WZ`W`[V_ [X`a_`S^V O _`^^WVcW\^[`WZ_U[SYaS`WVa^ZYWS`ZY O _`^^ZY`_ZaTW^[XZWc V^[YWZT[ZV_`S`X[^ O r½`UWZWVTa`_`\[a^STW SWVa_`S^V O Z[_`^^ZYcW\^[`WZ_U[SYaS`WVa^ZYWS`ZY O SZ ZWc%'T[ZV_X[^S`ZWc[US`[Z_ O r*½ŷ'_`^aU`a^Wc`%Ŷ`^S\\WVZ_VW SU`[^_XXWU`ZY[SYaS`[Z[XYY ^[`WZ_ %[c`Uc½TW. %[cX^c*½TW. ŵ W\W^S`a^W [SYaS`[ZW\, bW^'[SYaS`[Z YYŒ`W\^[`WZ_ źŶ'źŹVWY^WW_ ŻŴVWY^WW_ YY [\^[`WZ_ źŹ'ŻŴ ŻŹVWY^WW_ O bW^'WS`ZYUSa_W_[bW^U[SYaS`[Z[XWYY\^[`WZ_ O W_a`_Z$ 3"ZS*½ ½"*ZS½ O ^WbWZ`T WW\ZY`W\,aZVW^ŵŴŴVWY^WW_ 4 _WV[aTWT[W^[^[bWZ\[SUZY Ŷ a`[Z[XYY ^[`WZ_ O %ŶX^a`aUW_W`U,Z^WU\W_ O YY\^[`WZ_Xa^`W^S\S^` O %YW^`W\,ZWWVWVX[^VWZS`a^S`[ZSZVU[SYaS`[Z O rW__`U½W__X^*½ ŷ aYS^ O X[^_%'T[ZV_c`WYY\^[`WZ_ O r_[cW^^S`W[XVWZS`a^S`[Z4U[SYaS`[Z O ^W_a`_Z$ 4 U[SYaS`[Z`W\W^S`a^WZU^WS_W_ 4 ½`UZW__VWU^WS_W_*½X^ZW__VWU^WS_W_ O ^[`WU`_SYSZ_`[bW^'U[SYaS`[Z[XWYY\^[`WZ_ 4 ½W__Ua^VZYZ½W___ ZW^W__ZS*½ Ÿ UV O U[Z`^Ta`W_%5[Z_cUZWa`^S6W_ZWYS`bWUS^YW_S^[aZVWYY\^[`WZ [WUaW_ O WYY\^[`WZ_^WSU" SZVVWZS`a^WSZVU[SYaS`WXS_`W^ O \%Y[ZYV[cZ O ^W_a`_ZVWU^WS_WZVWZS`a^S`[Z
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