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Milk and Cheese Notes

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Hospitality and Tourism Management
HTM 2700
Val Allen

SZVWW_W [Z_``aWZ`_Z ŵ ¬Z_[ a`[Z _ŻcS`W^ O ’S`W^_[ aT Wb`SZ_ 4 T[X SbZÊY[[V_[a^UWb` 4 SZ_S S[aZ`b` 4 SUZ_S S[aZ`Tb` 4 _U[^TUSUVb`SZ_S S[aZ` O ZW^S _ 4 ŵÈŷ[XUS UaS 4 \[`S__a 4 SYZW_a Y 4 _[VaS O ^SU`[_W_aYS^Z 4 S^`U\S`W_Z S S^VT^[cZZY^WSU`[Z O ŒS `_ Ŷ [Z_``aWZ`_Z[ [VS _\W^_[Z Œ`ST %WVT&' ¬ ^[cZSZ[bWWZ` ¬¬ ^ WUS^YW_^W\W ZY ¬¬¬ ’S`W^[X&V^S`[Z O WSZZYŶÈŷ[XUS Ua O [_\S`W O ^[`WZ_ÊcW&\^[`WZ_ US_WZ\^[`WZ_ ^[`WZ_ [`S ^[`WZZ (ŷŷ`[ŷŹ ŴUS_WZ\^[`WZ_ ŶŴcW&\^[`WZ_ ’W& ^[`WZ_Ê SU`S TaZ SU`[Y [Ta Z ^WSV &VWZS`a^WVT& WS` S_WZ ^[`WZ_S \SW`S+S\\S W,_`_ZSU[\ W,c`US UaSZV\[_\S`W [\ W,_US WV'S Ua\[_\[US_WZS`W S _[ Z[cZS_US_WZUW W VWZS`a^WVT&'ŵUVŶ [ &\WZ[ UU[\[aZV_ŷZ%&W^WZZZ S_ [ZYS_ S\\SUS_WZ_\S^`[X`W[ WUa W `W[`W^`c[`&\W_[XUS_WZS \S TW`S S^W W___a_W\`ST W`[VWZS`a^S`[ZÊ`S W`ScS&SZV[`W^`c[S^W[^W ` _a_W\`ST W.Ÿ _`ST %ZYXSU`[^0 ŷ [Z_``WZ`_Za _[Z O S`Êc[ W WŷŷŸŴ 4 Ŷ 4 ŵ 4 _ ŴŵŴŹ 4 _SXS`ZcS`W^Wa _[ZXS`_V_\W^_WV\S_W2cS`W^_ U[Z`Za[a_\S_W 4 XS`W,_`_S_Y [Ta W_ 4 W\`ZWa _[ZT&SZWa _X&ZY S&W^S^[aZVXS`Y [Ta W_ 4 Wa _X&ZY S&W^_U[\[_WVSZ &[X \[\^[`WZ_ O `SZ_SZVXS`_[ aT Wb`SZ_ O a`^WZ`[Z`WZ`[X’[ W b_Œ ’[ W Œ S` ŷŹ ŴŵŴŹ SU`[_W Ÿ3 Ÿ3 \^[`WZ ŷŷŷŹ ŷŷŷŹ US Ua ŴŻ ŴŻ b`SZXS`_[ aT W ZS`a^S WbW _ X[^`XWV`[ZS`a^S WbW _ b`SZXS`_[ aT W X[^`XWVc` X[^`XWVc` 4[[YWZ%S`[Z O ^WbWZ`_XS`Y [Ta W_X^[X[^ZY S^YW^U a_`W^_cU^_W_`[`W_a^XSUW[X`W O WVaUW__%W[XXS`Y [Ta W_ O _\a\WVaZVW^W,`^WW\^W__a^W`^[aYbW^&_S [ W_ O W``W^^S`[[XWa _X&ZY S&W^`[XS`Y [Ta W O S`Y [Ta W_.\W^SZWZ` &0V_`^Ta`WV S_SbW^&XZWWa _[Z `^[aY[a` O &_US \^[UW__ÊZ[WXXWU`[ZZa`^`[ZS U[Z`WZ` O 4[[YWZ%WV _c`W^[^W[\S]aWWS_W^`[VYW_` S_`Wa^%S`[Z O X aV SZVU^WSa_`TW\S_`Wa^%WV O W_`^[&_\S`[YWZUU^[[^YSZ__ O ¬Z\S^`Ua S^aTW^Ua [__T^aUW [__ O 33Ÿ[XTSU`W^SS^WVW_`^[&WV O ŵŹ_WU[ZV_S`ŻŶVWY^WW_4ŒY`W\ _[^``W Ŷ_WU[ZV_S`ŵŷ VWU^WW_a `^S\S_`Wa^%ZY a^ `^W O Z`^[VaUWVZŵ33ŸT&a ` [[V_^`V O [c_[ VaZVW^T^SZVZSW7S`^W 8[X7^aS_`W8 O _\S__WV`^[aYW,`^WW &XZWX `W^`[^W[bWTSU`W^S `WZ\S_`Wa^%WV O ŸŒ`W\_' ¬ ŒW\S^S`WXS`X^[c[ W Ŷ[^ŵ ¬¬ `W^ ¬¬¬ VVXS`TSU ¬ S_`Wa^%W O 333TSU`W^S^W[bWV[^VW_`^[&WV O [ZYW^_`[^SYW`WSZV_[^`W^\S_`Wa^%S`[Z`W(TW``W^X Sb[a^99 a `a^WVS^& ^[VaU`_&[Ya^` _[a^U^WS Ta``W^ O Z[Ua S`W c`Z[Z\S`[YWZUTSU`W^S Ua `a^W'^SU`[TSU a_Ta YS^_SZVÈ[^ _`^W\`[U[UUa_`W^[ a_ O XW^WZ`_ SU`[_WZ`[ SU`USUV O \4VWU^WS_W_X^[źź`[Ÿź¬ [XUS_WZ\^[`WZ_ O US_WZ\^[`WZ_VWZS`a^W2U[SYa S`W WZS`a^S`[Z[X’W& ^[`WZ_ O SU`STaZSZV SU`[Y [Ta Z O VWZS`a^WVT&4[Z &SZVU[SYa S`W O VWZS`a^WVcW&\^[`WZ\^WU\`S`W[a`[XU[ [VS V_\W^_[Z_W`` W`[T[``[[X U[Z`SZW^ O V^WU`WS`_[a^UWUSa_W_VWZS`a^WVcW&\^[`WZ`[Ta^Z O a_WV[aT WT[ W^`[\^WbWZ`Ta^Z`[WS` ;ŵŴŴVWY^WW_ UVWZS`a^S`[Z[XS_WZ ^[`WZ_ O US_WZUW W_S^WU[ [VS &V_\W^_WVS`\4[X źŻ O ZWYS`bWUS^YW_S^[aZVUS_WZUW W_^W\W WSU[`W^SZV WW\UW W__`ST W TÈU WUS^YW_^W\W O SVVZYSUVVWU^WS_W_\4SZVSVV_4[Z_ O 4[Z_ZWa`^S %WZWYS`bWUS^YW_S^[aZVUW W_ O bW^S US^YWTWU[W_7Ŵ8T^ZY_US_WZUW W_`[`W^¬ \4Ÿź O `¬ \4Ÿź UW W_S^WVWZS`a^WV O VW^W`[YW`W^X[^ZY S^YW^ W___`ST W[ WUa W_ O \^WU\`S`W[a`[XU[ [VS V_\W^_[Z(^¬ O WS`SUUW W^S`W_^WSU`[Z Z%ZYa^V ZYT&UV O ^WU\Wa_`SbW [^U^WS \ a_SUV ŵ Z%WWS`ZY O _WV[aT WT[ W^;ŵŴŴVWY^WW_
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