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Lecture 2

HTM 3160 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Strategic Management

Hospitality and Tourism Management
Course Code
HTM 3160
Chris Choi

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Destination management and destination marketing are two interrelated concepts
Destination management is the broader concept that encompasses destination marketing and
other roles (such as leadership and coordination, planning and research, product development,
partnerships and team-building, and community relations)
Types of DMOs
City Levels
No standardized structural template exists for a DMO
Depends from country to country
Recent trend for DMO governance to move from public sector only to public-private
partnerships (PPPs)
DMOs have a larger group of stakeholders they must network
History and Influences on Tourism Planning
Tourism planning as a professional field is about 50 years old
Originated in Ireland and France
Strong belief in community long-term planning
Especially in regional context, including rural areas
Tourism planning Influencers
Tourism academics and professional experts
Mainly geographers and economists who developed special interest in tourism
Management and marketing professionals
Drew from fields of corporate strategic management and strategic planning
Community planners and non-profit organizations
Getting all parts of the community involved in discussing and defining future
Inclusiveness and "getting buy-in" from all stakeholders were key features of
these planning processes
Consumers (in recent years)
Tourism plans being publicly available documents now (rather than a select
group of people)
Use of social media channels means more open discussion in tourism planning
4 Ways to Overcome Marketing Challenges Forever
Establish a memorable brand identity
Create a deep connection with your core target audience
Design compelling offerings that pull customers in like a magnet
Craft implementable marketing plan
Benefits of Long-Term Tourism Planning
Every destination needs a long-term plan, but not every place has such a plan
Conducting tourism planning exercise can be costly
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