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Lecture 6

HTM 4050 Lecture 6: USA

Hospitality and Tourism Management
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HTM 4050
Melissa Pulvermacher

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Wine & Oenology
HTM 4050
Lecture 6 USA
Major Wine States
- California
- Oregon
- New York state
- Washington State

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- Leading wine producing state makes more than 90% of all US wine

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- Ranks first in wine consumption; Californians enjoy nearly 18% of bottles consumed in
united states
- Would be the fourth leading wine producing country in the world behind France, Italy
and Spain
- 107 American Vinicultural Areas (AVAs**) in Cali
- Highest vineyard in Cali is the Shadow Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon vineyard located
at an elevation of 4,400 feet above sea level in San Diego mountains
- More than 60,000 registered California wine labels
- Trend in sustainable winegrowing and winemaking practices is growing quickly
- Vintners and growers who represent 40% of the annual wine case production and one
quarter (125,000 acres) of the state’s wine acreage currently participate in the Code of
Sustainable Wine Growing Practices program
- California wine is good for the bottom line
- Cali wines accounts for 63% of the total 703 million gallons (foreign and domestic)
consumed in the US in 2005, or roughly 2/3 bottles sold in the country
- Cali winery shipments comprised roughly $16.5 billion of the $26 billion estimated retail
value of all wine sold in the US in 2005
- Wine is Cali’s most valuable finished agricultureal product. The voerall economic impact
of the wine industry on the economy of Cali exceeds $45.4 billion
- Paso robles, Napa and Sonoma **
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