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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Sara Mann

Lecture #2  OB – organizational business  GM  product development, HR, marketing, finance  Organization of each department and the individuals within the department Individual Behaviour  Understand personality, attitude, value Personality  Personality – a way of acting and interacting, psychological system of an individual o Comes from genetics and long-term learning history (environment)  Personality used to determine motivation, attitude, performance and leadership  Now more of an interactionist approach is accepted  OB is a function of both disposition and the situation  Therefore, important to put the right individual in the right job  Weak vs. strong situation o Weak – few rules and regulations (personality has more influence) o Strong – many rules and regulations  Measured by the “Big 5” o Extraversion vs. introversion – outgoing vs. shy o Emotional stability – emotional control o Agreeableness – friendly and approachable o Conscientiousness – responsible and achievement oriented o Openness to experience – think
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