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University of Guelph
Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 2100
Sara Mann

NHL LOCKOUT Culture promotes teamwork and innovation, where the structure is very mechanistic. NHL Structure Mechanistic. Pay per Performance – incentives and bonuses along with salaries which average about 2.4 million $ Signing Bonuses Performance Bonuses Owners – profits from the organizations and clubs Employee Benefits – Employment Insurance during the lockout - Pension Plan no guarantees until they actually retire - Now there is one established - Workers Compensation – injured players were still being paid their salary Marissa Mayer – Yahoo Recruitment Techniques – need to improve fairness and a better selection process Refused good candidates because they did not have degrees from prestigious universities. Her high standards are hampering Yahoo’s ability to fill vacancies She wanted to instill more discipline throughout the culture, she found it too laidback Practices are not procedurally fair; she has the final say by signing on employees Vulnerable to bias Creating tension between managers and employees Recommend: - Job Analysis - Better Selection Process - Improve Attractiveness of Brand Transactional Leader over a Transitional Leader Using the halo effect to influence judgment about other aspects Using the similar to me bias, giving more favorable ratings to people with prestigious university degrees Also, she noted how many people were working from home, not preforming Motivation Theories – High school Motivated Wrestlers Coach gave an inspiring speech before the tournament Intrinsic Motivation – internal desire to win the tournament Motivation – Wal-Mart Goal setting – will increase personal motivation Employees are working for a company they don’t like, and employees are unhappy. Impacts Wal-Mart’s culture negatively. Managers found it hard to identify negatively impacting employees within the company Keeping a bad employee around, affects their co-workers Implement motivation theories within the organization such as expectancy theory Glengarry Glen Ross The motivational speaker speaks down to the employers, to prep for a sales competition Business Ethics – to do what is morally correct Unethical examples – lying, threatening, bribing, blackmailing, theft, etc. To fix it – code of ethics, enforce it and give feedback Sales tactics of employees are unethical and putting the company in jeopardy Operant Learning Theory – employees learn to operate in the environment to achieve certain consequences Michigan Studies Theory – become more employee oriented Chase Lee – The Shy Student Low level of self confidence, and does not monitor his behaviour including participating in class Consistency Cue – regularly portrayed it? He always would back down Consensus Cue – Normal compared to others? Common to behave like this in Uni. Distinctive Cue – Other classes as well? He does it in every class Intrinsic Motivation – comes within Extrinsic Motivation – teacher helps motivate, parents, friends, etc. McClelland’s Theory – need for achievement and need for affiliation Interpersonal Skills – dependent upon another Motivation - GOOGLE The culture that is based on teamwork needs an organic structure Google – strong compensation Teamwork and individual work Fringe benefits – gym, laundry, hair care, buss shuttles Peer-to-peer instead of having a middleman or a direct supervisor Organic type of structure, people can switch teams if they wish Po
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