HROB 3030 Lecture 8: HROB 3030 – week 8 (chpt. 11)

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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 3030
Rhonda Gordon

HROB 3030 week 8 Chapter 11 Emergency Planning Introduction In Canada, emergency response is largely up to individuals, and each individual is responsible for knowing what to do in an emergency. As events overwhelm an individuals capacity to respond, governments take action in a progressive manner Organizational Response First: Local emergency organizations (e.g., municipal emergency services, emergency measures organizations) respond Second: Each province and territory has an emergency measures organization (EMO) that is tasked with managing largescale emergencies Lastly: The federal government and its agencies may become involved in emergency response efforts, depending on the nature of the disaster The companys liability for disasters may be increased by the failure to plan for emergencies that a reasonable person might anticipate. Many would suggest that there is also a moral responsibility (i.e., in addition to a legal responsibility) for companies to have emergency plans in place. This responsibility might be enhanced when companies engage in activities that are thought to pose a special risk to the environment or to workers. Organizations must consider possibility of a disaster Potential for loss is very high Safety programs need a planned response to threat of disaster Two central aspects of emergency planning in organizations: Emergency preparedness Response to emergency Emergency Preparedness Emergencies can be naturally occurring or caused by humans. Emergency: generally unexpected occurrence or set of circumstances demanding immediate action Concerned with emergencies that either cause or threaten to cause the loss of, or damage to, life or property Emergencies can be: Naturally occurring: for example, disease epidemics, weather conditions Some natural emergencies may be deceptive, in that their severity may not be immediately apparent For example, at the beginning of the SARS outbreak, nobody recognized the seriousness of the impending crisisindeed, the initial diagnosis was atypical pneumonia.
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