HROB 3030 Lecture 6: HROB 3030 – week 6 (chpt. 8&10)

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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
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HROB 3030
Rhonda Gordon

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HROB 3030 week 6 Chapter 8 workplace Violence Defining Workplace Aggression and Violence Workplace aggression as behaviour by an individual or individuals within or outside an organization that is intended to physically or psychologically harm a worker or workers and occurs in a workrelated context Accordingly, all violent behaviours are, by definition, aggressive, whereas not all aggressive behaviours are violent. In Canada, legislation uses the term harassment, which is another term for aggression. Harassment is defined as vexatious (i.e., annoying or embarrassing) conduct that is unwelcome Violence Physical assault or threat of an assault Aggression Behaviour that is intended to physically or psychologically harm a worker or workers and that occurs in a workrelated context Harassment Annoying or embarrassing conduct against a worker in a workplace Conduct that is unwelcome A host of other terms are commonly used to describe some aspects of workplace aggression. These terms generally refer to interactions between organizational members that are characterized by repeated hostile verbal and nonverbal, often nonphysical behaviours directed at a person(s) such that the targets sense of himherself as a competent worker and person is negatively affected. Emotional Abuse Another term for bullying Mobbing A term used mainly in Europe to refer to bullying Bullying Aggressive, nonphysical behaviours perpetrated by organizational members over a prolonged period of time Workplace incivility is another construct that is conceptually related to workplace aggression. It is defined as lowintensity deviant behaviour with ambiguous intent to harm the target, in violation of workplace norms for mutual respect. Uncivil behaviours are characteristically rude and discourteous, displaying a lack of regard for others. Recently, a number of researchers have included sexual harassment behaviours in their definitions and operationalizations of workplace violence and aggression Workplace sexual harassmentwhich consists of gender harassment, unwanted sexual attention, and sexual coercion, is a unique form of workplace aggression characterized by sexualized or sexrelated behaviour. Though we include workplace sexual harassment in this chapter, much of the existing literature and legislation has emerged separately from that on workplace aggression. Incivility Rude or discourteous behaviour
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