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Romanticism and the Picturesque

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Landscape Architecture
LARC 1950
Larry Harder

ʯf°n¾¯f° 9n ¾ -¯ţ @ –°¾€ 9n ¾ f @9n¾ Ŵ f¯f°nf°¾nf½°–f°f°¾nf½n Ŵ ½nff°¾f° Ŵ fn–° ff°¾nf½f! Ŵ f¾f €°f°€°f¾¾f°n°–f°€fŤ ¾f¾ °°–¾¾f°ff° ° Ŵ ° ¾–f°°°–f°°–°n°! , n°!ť-f! . n°!ťf°n 0 n°!ť°–f° 9!¾nf¯°¾€9n¾ť Ŵ n°f°€¯ť°ff¾f¾f–° Ŵ °–½–f½!ţ€n¾¾°°€¯f½f°°–¾nffn¾¾f¾f °¾ Ŵ f€¯°––f°¾nf½–f¾°n€¾½fn¾Ť¾°f ¾½fn¾ff°– f f!¾f°°fnf¾ Ŵ nf¾¾nf¾n½¾f°¾n¾f¾ f¾f°ff!€°¾ţ¯½¾ţf° ½f°¾ Ŵ nnn¾¯°€¯ť¾n¾f!¾n°¾¾°¯°° f°¾nf½fnnnťnf¾¾nfţ–nţ€f°n€nf°¾ Ŵ f–nff°¾nf½Ÿn°°¾€f!f°½nfn°–f½! °–¾&–°¾ Ŵ °–f° f¾f°–f€€°½nf½f'f°fff°¾¯ţ¯½¾ţ °–¾ţfff°(Ť½ €¯°fn! f¾°–¾ !–°°! ½ff¯° Ŵ °€¯°½ff¯°f!¯nfn!ť½ €¯°fn! f¾ °–n°Ť¾°f¾¾½f!€½ f¾°½½f Ŵ 9ff¯°f°½ f¾n°!nţf°Ŵ °°–ţn°!¾Ŵ°– °! Ŵ 9nff°f¾nf Ŵ ¾¯f½€¯¯°€f¾¾€½ °–!€9n¾ Ŵ f½¾f€ f!*½¯°f°½ Ŵ °f¾¾f°n°€°€*½¾¾°°°–f° Ŵ ¯° Ŵ ,¯°€¯n°!¾n!ť¯€½n½ff¾¾ ¾f! °ťJ°2¾ţ°–fţf¾ 2¯f°¾f°-f Ŵ ° n°n½°€€¯f°–°¾°°f'3°¾ff–4Ÿ° n¯¯°° °f( Ŵ °f¾¾f°n¾f¯f°n°°–°fţ9n¾¾n° °ff¾n Ŵ °ff Ŵ °–¾f°¾nf½ f¾°–f–nff°¾nf½ţ°nff–f° f°¾nf½ f¾f°ff½°€f¾ffn°¾¾° °fnf f°¾nf½f½Ŵ*¾ ¾–°9°n½¾ Ŵ ¾nf€¯¯f* Ŵ €¯f°¾nfn°*f¯¯½f° Ŵ nf°–€¯n°f–¯!–f°n°¾Ÿ°ff¾f¾f–° Ŵ nf¾¾nff¾'ff°nţ½½°( ¾°–f°°€°nfnnţ nnf¯°nf–f°½ Ŵ f¾nf¯°!fn¯¾€¯ff°¾½ °°–¾f°°f f°°°f¯°!f*¾¾°½n¾€°f Ŵ ¾°n€¾½fn¾¾¯¾¯f°¾¾–f°Ÿ¯– °!nf°°¾!°–f°nţ¾°n€¯f–¾f½ –f°°¾f°°–€ Ŵ ¾!¾n–°¾ť¾¯½f°½ŴŴ½ Ŧ f€½f¾fť¯€f–nff°¾nf½–ŦJ°–° °!( Ŧ ½n¾ťf½½¾½fnf!f¯ f°¾nf½' ,¾f¾( 7Ŧ ¾¯ťf ¾¯f°¾nf½'–Ŧn!,°f°¾( Ŧ –f°¾ťn¯½ffnnţ½ţ¾€nf° nnnnf¯°¾ Ŵ ¾!¯¾¯€f¯nfn¾n!f¾€ţf¾¾nf° ¯nfn!° fnfn! Ŵ ½¾¾°n€nf¾¾nfn°–f½!ťffnf¾¾nf¾nf°¾!¯nf! ½¾°Ťf–nff°¾nf½ť°–€¾¾ f°¾nf½9f°°–f°f Ŵ f¾€9n¾–f°°f¾'½f°°–ţ¯¾n(Ÿ¾¯f°¾ –f°¾ Ŵ 3f°¾nf½ °f¾f¾4!ff°ťf€¯f°°f f°¾½ °fť½½f©n¾ţ°°–¯f°¾©nŤ½½ f¾n°f!¾€°f°nf¾¾nff°°– Ŵ f¾f€f f°¾nf½ ¯n°Ť Ŵ ¯–°n€€–°ţ¯–°ţfn–° Ŵ –°f½°n½¾€°°nf¾¾nff°°–ťf°¾f°€9ff9¾ ¾ ¾–€9fff°fnn°f°f°°Ŵ9fff°fnn @f°@ 3 ¯ °¾€ ʯf°nf° 9n ¾ 9f°f– Ŵ ¯°!ţ°€°nţf°½ ¾¾ °nţf°Ŵ °°–f¾nfn!ţ °°–¾ Ŵ ¾ nť–°f!f–fff°¾nf½ 4 °–°¾nf¾¾nff¾€¯¾f°@f°¾€¯¾ ¾f°f°€9f°nnf¯!ť¾n¾¾°€–ff¾ 4 Jf¯°¾–°ff°¾nf½€° ¯nfnf¾ţ ¯f° f¾f½nf€9ff9¾¾–° 4 °–°¾f°*f¯½€°€¯f©nf°–¾fnf¯ f!½f°f–€nf¾nf¾ f¾¾nfn Ŵ ¾€¾°–°f°f¾¯ f°€¯½f¾¯f°n°f¾¯ Ŵ ¾ f–nff°°!ť–nfnn'°!nf¾ –°f°f°n( Ŵ °–fnnf¾!¾ť°Ŵnf°°Ŵnf¾¾nf'0 f°= n°¾( Ŵ nf°€° °–¾°,f–n¾! 4 ¾nnff 4 °°f¾'..>(¾!¯nf!¾ ¾€°–f° 4 ¾2¾¾€9ff¯°'0¾(ť½½°nf–n¾! n°–nf!ff°n°°f¾n °¾f°¾ Ŵ ¯f°!°¾°°–¾f°¾nf½nf¯½f€3 4 f°n° f¾¾nf°¾ Ŵ ¾¯ff°¾¯n°¾n'–Ŧ°–¾¯°f&f f( nnnf°*n Ŵ °n½f°€ff!€¯°¾€¯n¾f° ° f°¾nf½ Ŵ –Ŧ9f–ff f°¾ Ŵ f¾ţ¾f°–°€°n¾ 9n¾2¾¾ťf¯¾n¾nf 9½f°@ n°f¯ Ŵ *f°9½ f½nf¯°¾°f° f€ °f Ŵ °¯3–°¾€½fn4'–°¾n( Ŵ *½¯° ¾[email protected] n°f¯ťn°fnn¾½f f¾–¯f°f°?°If°– Ŵ 3fŴf4f°¾nf½nAf°°– ff¾f¾nf!½f¾°– Ŵ f¾2 fť*f¯½€f°¾€¯f°€°f¾¾f°nf°¾nf½¾° 9n¾ 7 Jf¯° Ŵ fnf°– Ŵ €¯!¾f¾9n¾f°¾nf½*½¾¾° Ŵ n°°¾€¾ff!ţ¾f–nf!ff°–f°f°–f!Ŵ ¾f½½°¾½fn¾ Ŵ nf¾¾nffnnf¯°¾¾°f°¾nf½'¾¾°nf°¾nf½( Ŵ ½fn¯°€¾!¯¯!f°n°ff*¾ °–€¾ţn¯½¾€¾ Ŵ f°¾°€¯°f¾¾f°nf°¾nf½9n¾ 9fn° ¾€ 9n ¾
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