LING 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Ecological Systems Theory, Margaret Mead, Family Therapy

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Couple and Family Relationships Lecture 5 Jan 20
Some of the transitions we saw in UP!
(single-> married -> not able to have kids -> childless couple-> widowed)
Biggest transitions in your life so far?
Type of Family Research
-compare data on family life among different kids of societies
-ex. Margaret Mead - compared western cultures to primitive cultures
-the transitions you go through now may be different in a different culture
-compare census, social agency, or demographic data to determine patterns of family life
-Canadian culture in the 60’s to Canadian culture now
-use questionnaires or interviews over a number of years to follow up on earlier investigations
Content Analysis
-type of qualitative research
-systematic examination of culture artifacts or various forms of communicate to determine
-help inform you how to discuss topics - different themes in how people communicate
Why do we need theory?
-help us predict relationships
-help us to explain relationships
-strong research has strong theoretical underpinnings
Life Course Theory (5 Principles)
1. Human development occurs throughout life - adults and children are always changing and
2. Individuals contract their own lives through choices and actions - choices we make can have
a big impact ex. child rearing
3. Life courses are shaped by the time we live in - good economic change or war changes our
4. The same events affect individuals/families differently depending on when they occur in the
life course - parents get divorced when you're 2 vs. 22 very different
5. Lives are linked - transitions one person can experience can effect other your family
Ecological Systems Theory *diagram on slide 6*
-consists of people and objects in an individuals immediate environment who are closet to
them ex. parents and siblings
Mesosystem (inter-connectedness)
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