LING 1000 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Extended Family, Nuclear Family

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5 Aug 2017

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Couple and Family Relationships Chapter 1 Lecture 1
What is a family?
-a married mother and father living together with their biological children?
Legal definition: related to family law concerns - not a definition of the the family per se
-each province and territory also has legislation about families
-defines which social arrangements are recognized by law
-legal definitions tend to change over time, with new court rulings and legislation and also
depends on your field
-applied context: enforceable legislated law - important for: adoption and health care plans
Normative definition: shared by majority of people in a country or region
-practice or action regarded as socially legitimate and approved
-sometimes legal definitions are out of synch with social norms
-definitions of family have broadened
-applied context: social norms in society ex. divorce before
*chart in slides*
Research definition: derived from a social theory, a social problem or a hunch
-must be measurable
-applied context: research design and theory development
Is This a Family?
-married couple with a newborn but no longer having sex (legally/normatively a family)
-romantic triad that are living together and raising a lovely puppy (not a family)
-same sex couple who share dances engaged in sexual activity and have two children (legally/
normatively a family)
-couple who has been married for 50 years but who not have any children (not always a family)
Basic definition: a group of people who share a legal bond or a blood bond is a family
Types of families
Nuclear family - (conjugal) parents and their children living in the same home
Extended Family - (joint, multigenerational) all relatives that are in close proximity, all live
together and share household duties
Complex Family - 3 or more adults + their children, divorce, remarry or polygamy for more
Step Family - the adults have divorced and remarried - the kids are from different parents
Adopted Family- shares legal bond but no biological ones
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