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MATH 2270
Matthew Demers

Assignment #1 Math*2270, Fall 2012 Due Wednesday, September 19 in class Instructions: ▯ Ensure that your name and ID Number are clearly printed on the front page. ▯ You are encouraged to work with your friends to complete the assignment, but please write up your ▯nal solutions on your own. ▯ Submit your assignment in class on or before the due date. ▯ This assignment carries a full weight of 4% of your ▯nal grade. Late submissions will be given a zero. 1. For all of the following di▯erential equations, perform the following: (i) State which variables are dependent and independent for the problem. (ii) Give the order of the DE. (iii) State whether the DE is linear or nonlinear. 00 0 a) sin(x)y + cos(x)y + tan(x)y = cot(x) + csc(x) + sec(x) (4) 4 b) x (t) + x (t) = t ▯ ▯ d df c) x + f = 0 dx dx dy 1 d) dx = lnjx + x + e + e jx2 2. Verify that y = is a solution to 8 < ▯2e ▯x; x < 0 y ▯ y = : 0; x ▯ 0 on each of the intervals (▯1;0) and (0;1). (Hint: Think o
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