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MBG 1000 Lecture Notes - Dna Microarray, Punnett Square, Angiogenesis

Molecular Biology and Genetics
Course Code
MBG 1000
Hank Davis

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Genetics March 21st, 2012
1. What part of a blastocyst develops into an embryo?
a) inner cell mass d) blastomere
b) trophoblast layer e) polar body
c) morula
2. 5’ ATGGCAT ‘3 is the sequence of one strand of a DNA molecule; what is the sequence of the complementary
a) 3’ TACCGTA 5’
- Practise Exam Questions in Workbook
Monitoring Gene Function
How do you know when insertion of a gene corrects a problem?
Gene Expression Profiling
o Indicates genes transcribed
o Uses microarrays (gene chips)
o mRNAs are collected and cDNAs created
o cDNAs bind to grid
o fluorescent signals display presence, relative amounts
o usually compare control and experimental conditions
RT enzyme makes DNA from RNA labelled RED labelled GREEN

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In this step use heat to separate cDNA strands
- Computer scans colour and displays information, computer program can then analyze data and see how strongly
the gene is expressed
- Red injury group
- Green signal of sample a is stronger than sample b
- Yellow- sample a and sample b were present at = levels
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