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Lecture 35

MCS 2020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 35: Collective Intelligence, Mass Customization, Information System

Marketing and Consumer Studies
Course Code
MCS 2020
Nicole Mc Callum

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MCS2020 Week 12
Participation – the social web
What to Know
oCharacteristics of Web 2.0
oPhilosophies/technologies of Web 2.0
oWeb 2.0 relationship to e-commerce
oAdvantages and disadvantages of current web participation
oCharacteristics and drivers of Web 3.0 (where are we headed, and why
do we need to get there?)
Web 2.0 – Definition
oLoosely speaking: platform of community, collaboration, collective
intelligence. An upgraded version of the internet – more of a two way
street now (you are contributing to as well as consuming)
No consistent definition
Business revolution in the computer industry
Alters the way we use the web
Not new
Web 2.0 – Philosophies
oFor the organization …
Philosophy of data: emphasis on rich data
Philosophy of continual improvement: when more people are
using the services we are able to refine and continue to improve
Philosophy of cooperation: massive emphasis on sharing,
increase in participation
Philosophy of diversity: putting an emphasis on niche markets,
mass customization, become more similar and share info more
easily and able to learn more about peoples identities
Overarching themes?
oThe more data, the more value
oMore need for relevance and integration

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oMore data, more security
oMore users, network economics
Web 2.0 – How else does Web 2.0 support characteristics of e-commerce?
oRichness vs. reach
oRelative low cost and storage
oThe value of the networks (including collaboration)
oEtc. (consider the advantages of information technology)
Processing with web 2.0 philosophies – a comparison
Web 2.0 processing Traditional processing
Major winners? Major winners
Software as a free service SAAS Software as a product
Business model – ad / revenue from
Business model – sale/ licensing
Viral market
Web 2.0 – Technologies
Online web journal
Short status update ex. twitter
Content aggregator, ex. Email
Really Simple Syndication (Rich Site Summary)
Collaborative content creation (real-time)
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