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Lecture 1

MGMT 3020 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Microfinance, Life-Cycle Assessment, Swot Analysis

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MGMT 3020
Ruben Burga

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Important terms in the definition of CSR
Impact on society
Video Presentation:
What is CSR?
How can CSR find me a Job?
Does the "Credit Crunch" mean the end of CSR initiatives?
What does the future hold?
Benefits of CSR
Making the company more attractive
Improving and maintaining the culture of the company
Making a positive impact on the society
Video Presentation:
Archie Carroll talks about CSR and how it has changed drastically over the years. For instance after the war years there was a need for social
responsibility with the rise of activist and various causes and movements. Companies started adopting CSR because they started to respond to their
stakeholder. CSR is a standard for most companies today.
Case Questions (Producing Toys - Child's Play?)
In this scenario we see that ethics could be subjective
Putting one of your relations in the same shoes
Are you working in the right place?
There is no clear wrong or right answer but anyone's answer would be based on their ethical consideration
What is my first gut reaction?
What would I do?
Thinking about this scenario and trying to understand your company's stand point, you would not want to be associated with a company that sees
absolutely nothing wrong with child labour.
Video Presentation:
Michael Porter talks about how there are may social challenges and how most people see business actors and the cause of mostof these pressing
challenges and many people see NGOs and government players as solutions. Overtime the main thing that has increased in the aspect of social
challenges is awareness. The biggest challenge in solving all these problems is the problem of scale which emphasizes on the lack of resources. He
mentions that only businesses can create wealth which in turn create resources. Businesses are able to create resources through profits. Over the
years the public has always asked for businesses to be more responsible and sustainable but the most pressing issue that there is a dilemma in a
What Michael has come to find is that in a factual sense the convention that businesses hold today about productivity and profits is a mirage. That
in a real sense the effort to protect and impact environment positively is what brings about real business success through less wastage and
When business see themselves differently and others differently, the this could change the world.
Creating Shared Value
Addressing a social issue with a business model
Important Topics In CSR
Profits - Resources, Brands
Connectivity - Media
Lecture 1
Wednesday, September 10, 2014
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Connectivity - Media
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Being Socially Responsible does not mean that the company will not make money.
We have to determine and prioritize the stakeholders through the following criteria:
There are three ways of prioritizing stakeholders coined by Mitchell, Agle and Wood namely:
Operational Impact
Shareholder Motivation
Identify who the stakeholders are and analyze what their roles are.
Every company should be doing well and doing good. The means they should be sound financially and also be environmentally
Bottom of The Pyramid (B.O.P)
In doing a market analysis in relation to the Bottom of The Pyramid we would use the SWOT analysis. Strength and Weakness are
internal while Opportunities and Threats are external. We need to know the core competencies of any company in order to help in
completing our papers.
When we are doing our assignments, we also have to look at Potter's competitive forces.
When marketing to the bottom of the pyramid, you have to appeal to their basic needs.
Lecture 2
Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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